Adaire Fox-Martin Exits SAP, Executive Board Adds Members


The SAP Executive Board gets a revamp with the announcement of the departure of an inspirational leader and Global-Buy Social Ambassador Adaire Fox-Martin by end of January.

Following the release of SAP’s initial review of its strong fourth-quarter performance and 2020 full-year results, several changes about the SAP Executive Board has been announced – from the departure of its Customer Success leader to the creation of a new marketing executive role.

SAP Executive Board member and Customer Success lead Adaire Fox-Martin will be departing the software giant by end of the month after 13 years in the company. Succeeding her is SAP Asia Pacific Japan President Scott Russell, appointed by the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, Microsoft executive Julia White joins Russell in the Executive Board as Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer.

The Legacy of Adaire Fox-Martin

Adaire Fox-Martin is known in the industry, not only in SAP, for her inspirational and empathetic leadership. Aside from leading the company’s global business focusing on the success of over 440,000 customers, the esteemed SAP leader also founded the SAP One Billion Lives Ventures, a social intrapreneurship program focused on improving the lives of one billion people around the world through the creation of sustainable business ventures that have a social mission at the core of their operations. 

Commending Fox-Martin’s contribution to the company, SAP CEO Christian Klein said: 

“Adaire has been a trusted partner for many years. She has always been an inspirational and empathetic leader. In 2020, she initiated the transformation of our sales, services, and partner organisation into what is now Customer Success. I wish her all the best.”

Before the extraordinary 2020 ended, Fox-Martin rallied for people and organisations to support social enterprises and diverse businesses that are culturally and operationally focused on changing the world for the better. As part of the SAP One Billion Lives program, she underscored the purpose of SAP’s social procurement initiative 5 & 5 by ’25 in time for the holiday and gift-giving season. 

Fox-Martin expressed:

“It has been a great privilege to drive SAP’s success over the past year.” 

“With the first phase of the Customer Success transformation now complete, the stage is set for SAP’s vision to be realised. I wish Christian, the Executive Board, and SAP’s talented team every success as they drive the company forward,” she added.

Scott Russell Becomes Executive Board Member

Like history repeating itself, SAP APJ President Scott Russell has been appointed by the Supervisory Board as an Executive Member and the successor of Fox-Martin for SAP’s Customer Success unit. Back in 2017, Russell was also FoxMartin’s successor in the APJ leadership role responsible for growing the SAP business across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia back then.

The new Australian Executive Board member has taken SAP APJ under his leadership for three years, catapulting SAP’s business growth and expansion in the region. Today, APJ is one of SAP’s fastest-growing cloud markets across the globe. 

“I am honored and would like to thank the Supervisory Board for putting trust in me,” said Russell. 

Commending his predecessor’s contribution to SAP, he added:

“With our industry-leading team, I will build on the great foundation laid by Adaire, who has my deepest respect for the leadership and foresight she demonstrated during our many years of close collaboration. Our future is bright, driving and accelerating the strategic digital transformation of our customers around the world,” he added

Russell’s three-year term appointment as an SAP Executive Board member will take effect on 1 February.

Julia White as Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer

Microsoft veteran Julia White will be joining SAP to take a new Executive Board role as Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer effective 1st of March. Under her belt is 20 years of experience in Microsoft, wherein she spearheaded the Microsoft Azure product marketing and Microsoft Office 365 during the transition to the cloud.

Under her three-year term as an SAP Executive Board member, White will be responsible for SAP’s go-to-market approach focusing on product, industry, and digital marketing. She will also focus on bridging customer and ecosystem needs with product development.

Sharing about her appointment, White said:

“SAP is going through a critical transformation. It has a unique opportunity to help redefine how successful businesses run, and the leadership team has made bold and courageous commitments to accelerate their cloud innovation to this end. I am excited to contribute to that journey and thank the Supervisory Board for their confidence in me.” 

Professor Hasso Plattner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP SE, welcomed Russell and White to the Executive Board and also expressed his gratitude for Fox-Martin’s time in SAP. He said:

“We are very pleased to have both Julia and Scott join the Executive Board to help continue SAP’s strategic direction. We would also like to thank Adaire for her long-standing contribution to the company.”

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