Diageo Embarks on Five-Year Digital Revolution with SAP and IBM


The global beverage giant behind the iconic brands Guinness and Johnnie Walker, Diageo, is taking a bold step into the digital world as it embarks on an ambitious five-year business transformation program in collaboration with SAP and IBM.

Diageo, a global leader in the beverage industry, has partnered with SAP and IBM for a five-year business transformation program. This bold initiative marks their most significant investment in technology and services to date, as they aim to redesign and improve processes across 180 countries. With IBM Consulting leading the charge, Diageo will transition to RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud – all in pursuit of improved business resilience, customer service offerings, and adaptability to an ever-changing consumer base.

Embarking on an Ambitious Digital Transformation Program

Through Diageo’s move towards RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud while being supported by IBM Consulting – known for its expertise in the consumer sector and client transformations – the company simplifies its IT infrastructure by running its processes on a single operating platform. Together, SAP and IBM will apply cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency throughout Diageo’s operations.

SAP Head of Customer Success and Executive Board Member Scott Russell said in a statement:

“Through our continued partnership with Diageo, one of the world’s leading brand builders, we’re proud to support them in building a more resilient business that is enhancing the customer experience and can adapt to rapidly changing market pressures, realizing its vision to revolutionize the consumer goods industry.”

The outcome of this transformative journey is expected to yield impressive results – from advanced workflow solutions that enable real-time order tracking globally, enhanced performance reporting capabilities providing insights into growth opportunities, and digitization of controls making businesses robust against changing market conditions, all while maintaining top-notch customer engagement levels. Through the partnership with SAP and IBM, Diageo demonstrates its commitment to embracing digital transformation and harnessing innovation as it continues charting its path towards success in the modern era of business.

“IBM is proud to partner with Diageo and SAP to bring our global business and digital transformation experience on this exciting journey,” IBM Consulting UK & Ireland Managing Partner Rahul Kalia commented.

SAP and IBM Revolutionize Diageo’s Operations Across 180 Countries

The Guinness and Smirnoff maker’s operations are being transformed across 180 countries, as cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes help the company make better decisions and adapt to a fast-changing market. The ambitious initiative will revolutionize Diageo’s IT environment by introducing intuitive processes powered by market-leading technology to provide more information for better decision-making.

Additionally, advanced workflow solutions will enable real-time global order tracking for improved customer engagement and service. By migrating to a single operating platform, Diageo can also streamline its technology support model and IT landscape – making it easier for the company to evolve amid changing consumer trends and market needs.

The program will also transform Diageo’s business finance operations in several key areas. Performance reporting capabilities will be enhanced, offering better insight into trade growth opportunities. Furthermore, the digitization of controls and compliance will make the business more robust, resilient, and adaptable to shifting market conditions.

Noting that the partnership with SAP and IBM reflects the company’s continued investment in digital transformation, Diageo Chief Financial Officer Lavanya Chandrashekar stated:

“It will enable greater agility in how we respond to our global consumer and customer needs. It will provide us with world-class actionable insights and enhanced data capabilities to support growth whilst allowing us to be more efficient in our day-to-day operations.”

Other SAP and IBM customers have been benefiting from such an extensive digital transformation journey: streamlining operations across multiple countries; utilizing cutting-edge technology; improving customer experience; adapting quickly to new challenges; all while staying ahead of competitors in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. Just last year, the long-standing partnership between the two tech giants was expanded to help assist customers in implementing hybrid cloud strategies and moving mission-critical workloads from SAP solutions to the cloud.

With strategic partnerships like the one between Diageo, SAP, and IBM leading the way forward for global companies – there hasn’t been a more exciting time to embrace change through digital innovation.

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