DXC Unveils New RISE Service to Transform SAP Deployments


DXC Technology, a global technology services provider, has introduced the DXC Fast RISE with SAP service. This innovative offering aims to significantly speed up SAP deployments, enabling businesses to leverage the extensive benefits of SAP S/4HANA in under a year.

The DXC Fast RISE with SAP service is designed to drastically cut down the implementation time for SAP S/4HANA projects. Traditionally, such deployments could take years to complete, but with DXC’s new service, companies can now expect to be up and running within twelve months. This accelerated timeline means that businesses can achieve quicker returns on their investment, reducing the total cost of ownership and minimizing the disruption associated with lengthy implementations.

The service is not only swift but also scalable, catering to businesses of various sizes and across different industries. This flexibility ensures that as a company grows and evolves, its SAP infrastructure can easily adapt without requiring significant overhauls or additional investments. By streamlining the implementation process, DXC Technology helps businesses focus more on their core operations and less on IT challenges.

DXC Technology’s history and its longstanding relationship with SAP form the backbone of this new service. Keith Costello, General Manager and Global SAP Lead at DXC, emphasized that this deep-rooted partnership has enabled DXC to bring innovative solutions to the market. The company’s extensive industry expertise and a robust portfolio of intellectual property further enhance its ability to deliver exceptional SAP services.

Costello pointed out that DXC Fast RISE with SAP leverages the company’s first-to-market capabilities, setting a new standard in the SAP ecosystem. By capitalizing on their strong client relationships and proven track record, DXC aims to deliver the full potential of SAP S/4HANA to its clients more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Strategic Growth and Global Reach

The launch of DXC Fast RISE with SAP is a testament to DXC Technology’s commitment to expanding its global presence in the SAP services domain. Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America, highlighted that the investment in this service line underscores the strong and enduring partnership between SAP and DXC. This collaboration not only fosters innovation but also ensures that clients receive top-tier delivery capabilities and cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Adams also noted that DXC’s global reach and industry-specific expertise position it as a leader in SAP services. The company’s ability to offer comprehensive and future-ready innovations is crucial in helping businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve their strategic goals.

Comprehensive Assessment for Tailored Solutions

A key component of the DXC Fast RISE with SAP service is its thorough assessment phase. According to Brian Wood, Research Director, IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services at IDC, this phase involves a detailed evaluation of a client’s existing systems and processes. The assessment provides a clear picture of the transformation journey required, ensuring that all aspects of the migration to S/4HANA are addressed comprehensively.

Wood explained that this assessment might reveal additional projects necessary to fully realize the benefits of SAP S/4HANA. By identifying these needs early in the process, DXC ensures that the entire transformation is seamless and aligned with the client’s strategic objectives. This holistic approach not only expedites the deployment but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the SAP solutions.

A New Era in SAP Deployments

DXC Technology’s innovative approach with Fast RISE with SAP has already garnered recognition. The company recently received the America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) Innovation Award for their implementation at Energy Harbor. This accolade underscores the effectiveness and impact of DXC’s new service in delivering rapid and significant value to clients.

Following this success, DXC has completed additional deployments in Europe, further demonstrating the scalability and global applicability of the DXC Fast RISE with SAP service. These deployments also highlight the company’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality, efficient, and impactful SAP solutions across different regions and industries.

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