How Expanding IT Services Help SAP Partners Grow


With the help of SAP Partners, customers have the opportunity to extend and enhance SAP technologies — enabling them to innovate, create and implement new solutions in a competitive environment.

Considered invaluable in assisting customers as they embark on their digital transformation journey, SAP Partners provide the necessary guidance and insight to help clients take the right steps toward achieving their goals. They can assess current IT infrastructure, identify gaps, and develop a roadmap to close them.

Additionally, SAP Partners also offer specialized skills, such as cloud-based solutions and data analytics that allow customers to maximize the value of their investments. They also assist with implementation and ongoing support services so that customers can quickly realize tangible outcomes from their technology investments.

According to a recent IDC eBook sponsored by the German enterprise software giant, SAP Partners that dedicate more than 20% of their revenue towards intellectual property (IP) can anticipate an impressive 60% increase in revenue growth compared with the average. Investing in IP is proving to be a hugely beneficial approach for these partners, yielding tangible results through increased revenues and overall business success.

Notwithstanding the current economic climate, the vast majority of SAP partners (93%) anticipate a rise in SAP-related income over the previous year. Growing IT services and public cloud services, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), present the biggest opportunity for partners. SAP Partners that keep spending resources on research and development (R&D) are seeing increased profits despite the unstable economy.

SAP Implementation Partner Accely highlighted that creating IP is a time-consuming and expensive process, but the end result could be a significant competitive advantage. IDC’s findings support this statement, as they show that partners who make investments into creating and marketing their own cloud software make $10 for every $1 SAP produces and that partners who put money into their own solutions make $8.81 for every $1 SAP provides.

Moreover, SAP’s partnership with Coursera — one of the globe’s biggest online learning companies — allows partners to better equip their consultants to take advantage of this expansion potential. The goal of SAP’s digital skills development project is to make it easier for newcomers to the SAP partner ecosystem to learn the skills they need to thrive.

SAP Partners Expedite Growth by Investing in IP

Companies today are confronted with an unprecedented level of unpredictability and flux, including supply chain deficits, the effects of global warming, a widening discrepancy between available and required talent, and an overall weakening of the economy – all things which Paul Edwards, research director for Software Channels and Ecosystems at IDC, has identified as current realities. He shared:

“Based on our research, partners that invested in developing IP and partners engaging in more than two SAP solutions experience the greatest benefit of working with SAP.”

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a powerful technology that is allowing partners to maximize their profits and achieve healthy gross margins. This innovative platform provides the tools and resources necessary to increase efficiency and optimize performance, which helps make sure partners are able to maximize their returns. With SAP BTP, businesses have access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable them to be more productive while also maintaining profitability.

Furthermore, according to IDC’s research, SAP BTP offers partners a great opportunity to bolster and sustain their relationships with customers. This means that partnering with SAP can help businesses form lasting connections and potentially even create lifelong customers.

Another SAP Partner Retailsolutions AG  is capitalizing on the potential of SAP BTP to develop innovative processes and IP. According to Florian Kraus, Managing Partner of retailsolutions AG, a significant portion of their revenue — up to 70% — is derived from migrating customers to SAP S/4HANA as well as utilizing SAP BTP. He believes that SAP BTP is critical for the future and holds immense strategic value for them.

Meanwhile, Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer at SAP, stated that in light of the speedy progression of digital transformation, customers have been relying on SAP Partners so as to discover their way through the following stages of their digital voyage. As businesses are adapting to this new reality and exploring ways to become more agile and efficient, they require a partner with expertise who can provide guidance and support in order to help them realize their ambitions.

“According to IDC, 43% of partner revenue comes from industry-specific solutions, which shows that investing in innovation to serve evolving customer needs is a proven path to profitability for our partners. SAP is firmly committed to helping partners apply their industry-specific knowledge to create exciting new growth opportunities,” Fahrbach remarked.

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