How Qualtrics XM Solutions Help Improve the Patient Experience


Organizations in the healthcare industry chose Qualtrics XM solutions in Q3 2022 in order to provide patients with more emotionally and digitally connected experiences.

Qualtrics experience management (XM) solutions have been helping organizations in the healthcare field by providing them with valuable insights that can help to improve patient care. The technologies aim to provide an easy way for healthcare professionals to collect and analyze data, which can then be used to make informed decisions about how to best serve their patients. Additionally, these solutions can help to identify potential areas of improvement within an organization, and can provide guidance on how to implement changes that will lead to better patient outcomes.

Moreover, Qualtrics’ EX25 employee engagement model — a component of Qualtrics EmployeeXM — was released last year with the goal of empowering businesses to more effectively listen to their staff in order to boost engagement and retention rates. After the solution was made available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2022, Qualtrics branched out and released a new product called Qualtrics EX25 for Healthcare.

In order to support hospitals and clinics in providing better employee experience (EX), the SAP-owned company introduced Qualtrics EX25 for Healthcare last August. The platform provides businesses with data-driven, in-depth insights about demands and sentiments during a critical health industry situation that appears to be dragging on for quite some time. The approach also equips hospitals with a contemporary framework for dealing with issues like nurse and doctor burnout and turnover, both of which have significant negative effects on the quality of treatment patients get.

Empowering the Healthcare Industry

According to Qualtrics, providers and patients alike will benefit in the long run from efforts to use data to enhance the patient experience. Customers are more loyal and willing to spread the word about a supplier who makes them feel heard and cared about when they use their services.

XM solutions from Qualtrics use cutting-edge technologies to turn data into actionable insights, collect feedback from patients wherever it is being shared, and take corrective measures before negative experiences may damage a company’s reputation, customer loyalty, or user ratings. Moreover, Qualtrics’ EX solutions intend to make it simple to collect, analyze, and act on feedback from staff members, allowing healthcare leaders to promptly acknowledge employees when they receive positive feedback from patients, pinpoint problems that can be fixed quickly, and zero in on what’s needed to boost engagement and retention in the long run.

To maximize the efficiency of both the patient and staff experience, CrossXM reveals their interrelation and the factors that contribute to them. Launched last month, the new product line automates the process of gaining insights on the relationship of a company’s employees, customers, and brand to help top executives determine where their efforts will have the greatest effect.

Leveraging Qualtrics XM Solutions

Noting that having empathy that comes from actively listening, understanding, and acting is more important than ever before in the healthcare sector, Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Medical Officer at Qualtrics, further explained:

“We cannot begin to fix the complex issues of access to care, disparities and purposeful connectivity with patients and caregivers without slowing down to listen via every channel available – a much more meaningful listening strategy for the emotions and values at stake. Only when we understand those, can we operationalize empathy and act in ways that will make people feel seen, heard and valued – and as we combine that with quality, operational and financial data, we evolve the field itself.”

Ascension, Covenant Physician Partners, Inc., Intermountain Healthcare, and Shannon Medical Center are just few of the US healthcare businesses that have chosen Qualtrics in Q3 2022 to provide a more digitally and emotionally linked experience that delivers value.

Qualtrics is being used by Ascension to analyze patient and employee experiences including searching for a physician, scheduling an appointment, and communicating with the organization. Ascension aims to utilize Qualtrics to better serve its many areas by identifying and fixing gaps in patient care.

On the other hand, Qualtrics was selected by Covenant Physician Partners Inc., to assist in enhancing the quality of care provided to patients as the company expands and scales. Covenant Physician Partners will be prepared to assist patients, communities, and neighborhoods with the help of adaptable technologies that will allow it to listen in the moment, create action plans, and close the loop with patients at scale.

Intermountain Healthcare, already a national leader in clinical quality improvement and efficient healthcare delivery, has chosen Qualtrics’ XM solutions as its unified technology platform to collect, analyze, and act on feedback about the healthcare system’s overall quality of care from patients, caregivers, and staff members. Finally, Shannon Medical Center will begin EX and customer experience (CX) on the Qualtrics XM platform to improve outcomes for patients and loyalty, decrease employee’s turnover rates, and boost overall revenue.

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