HPE launches Edgeline and Aruba Sensor for IoT ‘at the edge’


Raj Thakur, HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has just announced new systems that enable enterprise customers with varying volumes of data to collect, process and analyse Internet of Things (IoT) data more efficiently at the network edge.

Edgeline IoT Systems EL 10 and EL 20 were developed in partnership with Intel, to enable enterprise customers to securely aggregate and analyse higher volumes of data in real-time, to more efficiently control devices and “things” and to provide the intelligence to drive important business decisions faster than ever in a decentralised environment.

To be released in Australia in January 2016, the new systems are available now in the US, Europe, the UK and Japan.

EL 10 is positioned for entry level applications, while EL 20 use designed for more demanding, higher volume deployments. Both systems have been certified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.

The new HPE Edgeline IoT systems are expected to be the first in a series that will deliver robust open systems to maximise value and minimise risks from IoT.

The first iteration of these system will unify IoT data access with device management, configuration and control, while future systems will offer investment protection and scalability, incorporating HPE’s Moonshot system architecture to combine powerful computing capability with reduced energy and space requirements.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of IoT solutions and services, offering compute, connectivity, data analysis, security and a strong ecosystem, all aimed at simplifying IoT for customers and driving business outcomes,” said Raj Thakur, director and general manager, servers and converged systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, South Pacific.

In a concurrent announcement, HPE company, Aruba, introduced IoT Aruba Sensor, an enterprise-grade, cloud-based beacon management solution for multivendor Wi-Fi networks.

Available now, the next wave of the Aruba Mobile Engagement solutions combine a small Wi-Fi client and BLE radio to enable organisations to remotely monitor and manage Aruba Beacons across existing multivendor Wi-Fi networks from a central location using the Meridian cloud service.

The company said the new sensors will enable any company to introduce location-based services, using Aruba Beacons and Sensors at the edge and the Meridian cloud service to interface with business and analytics applications.

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