New SAP Concur Solutions, Global Digital Event Unveiled


Businesses can now look into better managing expense, travel, and AP processes with new SAP Concur solutions and by participating in the first global SAP Concur Fusion.

SAP Concur’s transactional revenue had been gravely impacted by the pandemic that put a screeching halt on business travel. Nevertheless, despite the eventful 2020 when many enterprises were caught unprepared from the disruption of COVID-19, SAP Concur is ready to bounce back to continue supporting its customers and partners with new solution extensions and a global, digital event.

New Solution Extensions

This week, SAP Concur released two new solution extensions delivered through the SAP Concur partner ecosystem that will help customers meet broad compliance requirements. 

Concur Tax Assurance by VATBox is a dynamically updated financial platform designed in collaboration with VATBox, a technological leader in AI and Value Added Tax (VAT)/Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance. Utilising sophisticated AI algorithms and embedded with intricate tax knowledge, the solution will enable organisations to comply with global tax regulations by confirming data integrity and offering collection and enhancement tools to increase reclaim potential.

Concur Detect by Oversight is an automated solution in partnership with Oversight, a leading provider of AI-based spend management and risk mitigation solutions for large enterprises. Leveraging embedded intelligence and automation, the solution streamlines organisations’ expense audit and compliance programs. Concur Detect by Oversight mitigates immediate risks by analysing expenses both before and after payment, spot suspicious spend patterns across time, and prioritise risk to drive greater audit efficiency.

SAP Concur Fusion 2021

Last year, SAP had cancelled several in-person events to ensure the health and well-being of its customers, partners, and employees. SAP Concur Fusion in Orlando, Florida was one of the SAP events that got cancelled in March 2020 along with SAP Ariba Live in Vegas and the SAP Now events. In June 2020, SAP Concur held a global series of one-day virtual events named SAP Concur Fusion Exchange to connect its customers with experts and partners despite the challenges of COVID-19. 

Fast-forward to 2021, SAP Concur continues with its mission to help its customers run their businesses more efficiently. The inaugural global SAP Concur Fusion 2021 is a multi-day digital event accessible across the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific regions happening mid-March. Offered for free, the virtual conference will feature experts from SAP Concur, best practices with SAP Concur solutions, and training for participants to digest and explore as they re-examine their expense, travel, and AP processes. 

SAP Concur Fusion 2021 is a place to learn about SAP’s integrated partner ecosystem that delivers a connected expense, travel, and invoice management solution fit for every industry need. During the three-day event (16-18 March for Americas and 17-19 March for EMEA and APAC), participants can engage with like-minded professionals and share common goals and challenges.

Furthermore, SAP Concur customers can get free consulting sessions on a first-come, first-served basis with an SAP Concur specialist virtually for 60 minutes to discuss questions about their existing system, specific to one topic (Expense, Invoice, Travel, or Reporting). Multiple people from one organisation may attend an individual session together.

To get free access to SAP Concur Fusion 2021, register here.

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