New Strategy for SAP Mobile Solutions Reinforced


SAP mobile solutions are able to provide businesses with an intuitive user experience and interface that aims to make life at work easier.

The enterprise software giant is widely known for its industry-specific knowledge and experience, which are trusted by businesses around the world to help them with the process of implementing digital transformation. The company offers mobile solutions for any situation, from running a business at the shop counter, to completing service assignments in the workplace, or fulfilling warehouse orders. These solutions all aim to provide intuitive interfaces that allow customers to get things done quickly and improve their lives at work.

In 2020, the German tech firm and the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) launched an SAP mobile app called Sail Insight powered by SAP. The app provides sailors with a way to share their performance results in real-time and enables sailors to access an app that is designed to help them maximize speed around the racecourse. Users can share their data through social media and make it known to a wider audience.

With the need for more flexibility and resilience becoming evidently compelling as time goes on, many organizations are still looking for ways to implement apps into their workflow. In response to this issue, SAP is continuing to invest in and promote a new strategy that uses mobile solutions in the corporate sector. And with smartphones being one of the most common and everyday items seen today, it only makes sense that SAP would seek to strengthen its communication of this new strategy.

The company has released a new paper titled “SAP Mobile Experience: Improving work life wherever you are” that lays out its mobile strategy for the coming year. This latest strategy has highlighted that SAP is not just concerned with offering apps for a variety of different business use cases, but is committed to creating an effective, native experience for various industries and enterprise processes.

According to Florian Heretsch, Vice President and Head of the Mobile Experience and Engineering Unit at SAP, the company has been analyzing, for some time now, the various ways in which mobile consumer items might assist individuals in their personal and professional lives.

“What has become indispensable for mobile users — excellent experience, on-device intelligence, and contextual awareness — is what we are specifically inducing now into critical business processes,” Heretsch further explained.

Strengthening the Latest Strategy for SAP Mobile Solutions

SAP applications are known for their fresh approach to professional user experience (UX), which is a key improvement over some of the older software designed to improve its simplicity and user-friendliness. The design aims to make it easy for users to accomplish their daily tasks and know where they are in the program, all while feeling motivated to continue using the mobile apps.

Furthermore, SAP Mobile Start is an important part of the software vendor’s efforts to make it easier for organizations to adopt SAP solutions. It is a native mobile application that enables users from different departments and industries to start using SAP software without having to go through the trouble of learning how it works. The app also provides a centralized and flexible platform that brings all the different workflows together.

In addition, SAP Mobile Start offers a single, secure and easy-to-use app for employees of SAP customers, to easily connect to the suite of SAP Applications such as the new SAP Warehouse Operator and SAP Direct Distribution. In addition, it also provides access to SAP SuccessFactors for Human Capital Management (HCM) and SAP Concur solutions for travel and expense management functions.

“Probably no one else but SAP brings such extensive experience into play when it comes to digitizing and increasing the efficiency of industry-specific and global processes. That’s what we build on — to put exactly what the user needs onto people’s mobile devices, enabling them to trigger the best possible action at the right time,” Heretsch shared.

Stephan Kamps, Product Expert for SAP Mobile Experience, concluded in his blog post that the company’s new mobile initiative is not just another application but is really a collaboration with renowned industry partners, who help to provide their customers with the best possible experience, and who also share in the vision of SAP that it should go beyond software.

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