Qatari Investors Group Accelerates SAP Transition to Cloud


In a significant move towards digital transformation, Qatari Investors Group Q.P.S.C. (QIG), a diversified conglomerate listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange, has entered into a partnership agreement with global technology company SAP SE. This collaboration will enable QIG to leverage the benefits of SAP’s cloud ERP solution, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with data securely hosted in Qatar, facilitating a seamless SAP transition for the group.

Qatari Investors Group is a well-established diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries operating in various sectors, including building and construction materials, technology, marine services, property, project development, contracting, and financial services. The group’s flagship project, Al Khalij Cement Company, is a testament to its strong presence in the Qatari market, serving both private and public sectors. QIG’s focus on prudent management, diversification, and agility has enabled it to add sustainable value to its shareholders while maintaining trust, satisfaction, and reliability for its customers and partners.

Embracing SAP Transition to the Cloud for Enhanced Visibility and Control

The SAP transition will involve QIG moving its mission-critical business processes from legacy on-premises ERP software systems to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. This enterprise resource planning solution will provide QIG with 360-degree visibility and greater control over all its operations. The adoption of RISE with SAP, a comprehensive subscription offering regular updates, will accelerate the transition, making QIG more resilient and agile in today’s rapidly changing global market.

Mr. Joseph Abdo, Chief Executive Officer of QIG, further emphasized that the group worked closely with SAP to create a roadmap aligned with Qatar’s digital transformation agenda and National Vision 2030. The goal was to ensure access to real-time data and insights, enabling rapid response to market changes while delivering greater value to customers. With RISE with SAP Cloud, QIG can transition to the cloud without business risk, benefiting from automated processes that allow focus on innovation and growth. The deployment is expected to yield immediate benefits, such as streamlined operations and increased efficiencies, while setting the stage for long-term success through automatic upgrades to new technologies and a scalable, flexible digital infrastructure.

Leveraging SAP’s Expertise for Seamless Integration Across Diverse Operations

A key factor in QIG’s decision to select SAP as its digital transformation partner was SAP’s deep expertise in multiple industries and the ease of establishing an integrated platform to manage diverse operations. QIG’s subsidiaries and business interests span a wide range of sectors, and SAP’s solutions will enable the group to seamlessly integrate and manage these diverse operations on a single platform.

Mr. Alaa Jaber, Managing Director for SAP, Qatar and Fast Growth Markets, also commended QIG for its futuristic outlook and effective management, citing the digital transformation as a prime example of this approach. He noted that RISE with SAP enables customers to adapt to fast-changing conditions, from rapidly evolving AI applications to cybersecurity threats. The deployment will enhance QIG’s resilience, efficiency, and agility while facilitating quicker and easier innovation.

The partnership between Qatari Investors Group and SAP marks a significant milestone in QIG’s digital transformation journey. By embracing SAP S/4HANA Cloud and RISE with SAP, the group also aims to streamline its operations, enhance visibility and control, and drive innovation across its diverse subsidiaries. This SAP transition aligns with Qatar’s digital transformation agenda and National Vision 2030, ensuring that QIG remains competitive and agile in an ever-evolving market. With SAP’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions, QIG is poised for long-term success and growth.

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