RISE with SAP Advisory Services Launched by Lemongrass


Lemongrass has announced the launch of its new RISE with SAP Advisory services, designed to assist enterprises in navigating their digital transformation journey using SAP technologies. This comprehensive service suite aims to facilitate the transition to a dynamic, cloud-based environment, leveraging the RISE with SAP platform to streamline and accelerate the migration process.

RISE with SAP is a transformation-as-a-service solution that consolidates various transformation tools into a single, subscription-based platform. This integration allows businesses to simplify their migration to cloud solutions, making it easier to manage and execute digital transformations. Lemongrass’s new advisory services are tailored to support this shift by offering strategic guidance on SAP S/4HANA readiness, application compatibility, and overall transformation strategies.

Lemongrass has established itself as a key player in the SAP migration landscape, with a robust software-enabled platform and services that provide clients with near-zero downtime migrations. Managing over 8,000 SAP servers and supporting more than 750,000 SAP users, Lemongrass has a proven track record of helping enterprises transition from on-premises SAP systems to the cloud. As a certified partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program and a certified SAP RISE Service and SELL partner, Lemongrass specializes in modernizing and migrating large-scale systems to RISE with SAP.

Strategic RISE with SAP Advisory and Planning

The new RISE with SAP Advisory services from Lemongrass encompass several critical areas. Strategic advisory and planning services are designed to align SAP strategies with business objectives, ensuring a transformation roadmap that delivers value across all business functions. This includes comprehensive evaluations of existing SAP landscapes to determine the best path to SAP S/4HANA, using Lemongrass’s proprietary methodologies and tools.

Michael Rosenbloom, CEO of Lemongrass, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation through technology and strategic insights. The new services are intended to help clients achieve a seamless and efficient transformation, leveraging the advisory experience of Lemongrass’s team to ensure operational excellence.

Comprehensive Transformation Support

The advisory offerings also include financial and operational planning services, which provide detailed analyses to help enterprises understand the financial implications of moving to RISE with SAP. This ensures transparency and predictability in costs and outcomes, crucial for businesses planning significant IT transformations.

Moreover, Lemongrass provides migration strategy and roadmapping services. These services develop custom migration approaches, considering operational requirements and continuous innovation strategies to ensure a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA. Additionally, architecture planning services are available to design optimal system architectures that support both legacy systems and new deployments on RISE with SAP.

Eamonn O’Neill, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Lemongrass, highlighted the company’s capability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of large-scale enterprises. Lemongrass’s advisory services offer a simplified yet flexible approach to transforming SAP environments, including the integration of SAP and non-SAP applications, which enhances security, business continuity, and holistic platform integration.

Complementary Services to Enhance RISE with SAP Operations

In addition to the new advisory services, Lemongrass offers a suite of complementary services to support SAP operations under RISE with SAP. Their proprietary migration technology, Lemongrass Migration Services, accommodates RISE-specific migrations. This technology has successfully executed multiple RISE migration scenarios, including S/4HANA transformations and conversions to Suite on HANA, with minimal risk and high efficiency.

Lemongrass also provides several operational services under the RISE banner. Lemongrass RISE+ ensures seamless migration and integration of SAP systems, rapidly enabling the benefits of the cloud. This includes accelerating the deployment of cloud-native tools and services. Lemongrass RISE FLEX offers enterprises the flexibility to leverage cloud-native capacity for on-demand projects or training environments after adopting RISE with SAP. This service also allows customers to create self-service development environments for testing and feature branching, facilitating faster SAP releases.

Additionally, the Lemongrass RISE Wrapper acts as a service layer between the customer and SAP, integrating management tooling through the Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP). This solution supports customers regardless of whether parts of their landscapes reside in RISE or are cloud-native before moving to RISE.

Lemongrass’s innovation services also include SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) services, which are critical for a successful SAP on cloud strategy and form a key component of the SAP product roadmap.

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