SAP Customer Checkout Taps the U.S. Market


SAP Customer Checkout is an intelligent POS software that can be integrated with SAP S/4HANA or other ERP systems.

The German software enterprise multinational SAP is expanding the market footprint of its next-generation point-of-sale application SAP Customer Checkout to the US. The global strategy came after the compliance of the platform’s latest version with the tax calculation regulations set by the U.S. via integration with Avalara Tax Services.

Sharing about the next big step for the solution that he developed back in 2014, Harald Tebbe, product manager of SAP Customer Checkout, said:

“With Avalara, we have chosen one of the leading tax service providers in the United States with years of expertise and compliance with taxes in several industries. The integration is fast, in real-time, and easy to use.”

Avalara is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions specifically designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency through tax compliance automation. With offices across the U.S. and other parts of the globe, the company caters to over 30,000 customers with around 1,200 signed partner integrations to link to business applications used for accounting, ERP, e-commerce, and CRM systems, among others.

Tebbe recollected the remarkable development of SAP Customer Checkout – from its basic sales functionalities for merchandise shops during its first year of launch to its huge success today running the checkout for merchants and retailers worldwide. Mostly used in Germany in its early days, football clubs FC Bayern München and TSG Hoffenheim were among the pioneer users of the application for their merchandising shops. Eventually, the POS software was also adopted by retail, catering, and food and beverage companies. In May 2022, the SAP solution was one of the applications highlighted in the SAP Security Patch Day.

SAP Customer Checkout Expanding in the US

Aside from complying with the U.S. tax calculation regulations, the SAP Customer Checkout from the tech giant also achieved many certifications that have allowed the intelligent POS software to compete internationally. These certifications include the Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung (RSKV) in Austria and the French certification NF 525.

Ready to take its global presence further, SAP is tapping the U.S. market this year leveraging the expertise of Washington-based Avalara.

“Based on our experiences, we are very proud and well-equipped to take the application to the next level,” Tebbe highlighted. “By achieving this big milestone, we set the stage for future opportunities and customers, and we are ready to access the new U.S. market.”

To ease the product’s entry into the American market, SAP is banking on the established partnership it has with another German company Leica AG, a global manufacturer of high-end cameras and lenses, observation, fine mechanical instruments, and high-tech devices. From successful implementations in several of its stores in Germany, today, the Leica store in Washington D.C. has also adopted the SAP Customer Checkout with Avalara. Other Leica U.S. stores are slated to deploy the application this year.

“It was a win-win situation. Leica needed a point-of-sale solution that can be integrated to its existing SAP ERP landscapes, complies to legal regulations, and can be used globally,” commented Fadi Naoum, senior vice president and head of Sports and Entertainment at SAP. “On the other hand, our road map plan was to ship a first version for the U.S. Therefore, we joined together and provided Leica a solution which fulfills the requirements to sell its cameras and equipment in the U.S.”

Jan Zuschlag, project manager of POS Systems at Leica AG explained that the SAP solution automatically transfers sales transactions within the store to SAP ERP. In addition, the external tax provider Avalara calculates all sales tax rates based on several thousands of different tax codes and tax jurisdictions.

“Overall, it was a successful implementation project. And this was only possible due to the strong collaboration between Leica, Avalara, and the responsible SAP team. Thanks for this fantastic team spirit,” he added.

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