SAP Emarsys Mobile Wallet Enhances Customer Engagement


In a bid to create a more personalized customer loyalty experience, SAP Emarsys, a globally recognized omnichannel customer engagement platform, has introduced Mobile Wallet to its suite of services.

The cost-of-living crisis has made it crucial for brands to remain competitive and keep up with customer expectations. As per the latest SAP Emarsys research, three out of five customers pledge their loyalty to brands that offer regular rewards, incentives, and discounts. In addition, 80% of customers who previously left a brand due to cost considerations will return once their financial situations improve, provided the brands maintain effective communication. This, in conjunction with the demand for personalized marketing communications by 76% of global consumers, underscores the need for brands to deeply understand their customers.

Thus, the Mobile Wallet plays an essential role in establishing a robust connection with both active and inactive customers. It offers personalized incentives based on customers’ interests, thereby reminding them about the brand every time they use it. The new functionality, announced during the company’s Power To The Marketer Festival 2023, also provides marketers the ability to use Google and Apple Wallets to distribute personalized vouchers, loyalty cards, and coupons, thereby enhancing their interaction with customers and stimulating brand loyalty.

A Powerful Tool to Stay Ahead of Consumer Expectations

As brands increasingly grapple with the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of shopping channels, SAP Emarsys’ Mobile Wallet has emerged as a consistent ally. This groundbreaking tool addresses a significant pain point: the customer experience issue. As per research, a staggering 41% of consumers could potentially be deterred from a brand due to poor experience. For those who value a clean, uncluttered phone interface and are reticent to download an array of brand-specific apps, Mobile Wallet offers an attractive alternative.

The omnipresence of mobile technology in the modern consumer’s life means they are consistently engaging with their devices. This constant interaction creates an opportunity for brands to communicate more effectively and personally with their customers.

Furthermore, Mobile Wallet’s integration with popular payment platforms like Google Wallet and Apple Wallet opens up an exciting new frontier for marketers. This strategic alliance places personalized incentives front and center at the pivotal point-of-sale moment, offering an opportunity for brands to interact directly with customers during the purchasing process.

This close engagement also enables brands to gain a more profound understanding of their customers. With each transaction, marketers can glean valuable insights about customer preferences, behaviors, and purchasing patterns, thereby enhancing their personalization strategies.

Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys, stated:

“Our new Mobile Wallet functionality lets marketers uplevel their brand promise, giving them more ways to deliver the personalized, seamless experiences their customers expect.”

SAP Emarsys Mobile Wallet’s Expanded Capabilities

The Mobile Wallet further enhances SAP Emarsys’s suite of mobile capabilities, which include Mobile In-App and Push to deliver personalized, targeted push notifications and in-app offers; Mobile Inbox to connect customers with content beyond transactions; SMS to enable personalized, contextually relevant text campaigns, powered by automation; and Mobile Reporting to track revenue impact with pre-built performance reporting and attribution to understand what truly drives growth, both online and in-person.

The SAP Emarsys Mobile Wallet offers convenience and easy implementation for marketers, ensuring an optimized shopping experience for customers. SAP Emarsys customer, City Beach, a popular surf and streetwear store, has successfully adopted the Mobile Wallet strategy. James Neill, the Customer Lifecycle Manager at City Beach, expressed:

“Mobile Wallet opens our reach to different age groups, unlocking a whole new set of use cases to better connect our digital and in-store experiences. The inclusion of a digitized wallet has expanded customer loyalty by personalizing products and shopping experiences across generations.”

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