SAP Fiori Boosts Data Automation in Precisely Automate Studio


Data integrity company Precisely has unveiled new modules for SAP Fiori and SAP GUI for HTML in their Automate Studio, in a significant move to streamline data automation processes. These additions are set to simplify the SAP S/4HANA data journey for organizations by providing greater flexibility and improved governance capabilities across various SAP ERP environments.

Recent findings from a survey conducted by Precisely in collaboration with America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) reveal that 57% of companies utilizing SAP ERP systems are either using or planning to use multiple environments tailored to different business requirements. This diversity in SAP clients across departments often results in a highly complex and resource-intensive user experience. Organizations face significant challenges in optimizing data creation, collection, and management, which in turn hampers the automation of processes and slows down S/4HANA migrations.

Dominik Lind, an IT Consultant at K+S, a company known for its environmentally sustainable mining practices, highlighted the transformative potential of Precisely’s support for SAP Fiori. He noted that the new modules have enabled his team to streamline and automate processes in various domains, including supply chain planning, logistics, and customer engagement. The flexibility, governance, and simplicity provided by the automation have significantly boosted their productivity, offering a higher level of confidence in the data used for decision-making.

Expanding Capabilities with New Modules for SAP Fiori

The new release of Automate Studio introduces modules specifically designed for Fiori Automation and SAP GUI for HTML. These modules promise to deliver a seamless user experience similar to the traditional Transaction module used for SAP GUI, extending capabilities to SAP Fiori applications built on SAPUI5 and the SAP GUI for HTML ERP interface. This expansion further allows organizations to automate and govern the creation and collection of SAP data efficiently. Data can be validated, corrected, reviewed, approved, and enhanced in Excel spreadsheets before being posted to SAP ERP systems, including SAP S/4HANA in both private and public clouds.

Tim Fujita-Yuhas, VP of Product Management for SAP Automate Solutions at Precisely, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting SAP ERP customers throughout their SAP journey. He pointed out that maintaining data consistency and reliability across all departments is crucial, especially for companies migrating to S/4HANA. By offering multiple automation clients, Precisely addresses the dynamic needs of the marketplace, simplifying the automation process while ensuring data integrity, which enhances operational speed and agility.

Streamlining Automation with No-Code Solutions

Built on over two decades of SAP automation expertise, Automate Studio is renowned for being the premier Excel-to-SAP desktop solution. It enables business users to automate complex SAP business processes and make mass data changes quickly and easily. The introduction of the new modules for SAP Fiori and SAP GUI for HTML is a significant enhancement, allowing developers to create automation scripts that drive speed and efficiency for almost any SAP task within a single application. This application is also adaptable based on the specific use case, SAP system type, SAP User Interface (UI), and user requirements.

One of the standout features of Automate Studio is its no-code approach, which continues in the new data automation modules. This approach allows authorized and trained citizen developers within an organization to create and manage automation scripts easily, ensuring a low total cost of ownership. This democratization of automation script creation further empowers business users to take control of their processes, reducing dependency on IT departments and accelerating overall business operations.

The Future of SAP Data Automation

Precisely’s announcement marks a significant step forward in the evolution of SAP data automation. The integration of SAP Fiori and SAP GUI for HTML modules into Automate Studio not only intends to enhance the user experience but also addresses some of the critical challenges faced by organizations in managing their SAP environments. By offering a robust solution that combines flexibility, governance, and simplicity, Precisely aims to ensure that organizations can confidently navigate their SAP S/4HANA data journey.

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the digital landscape, tools like Automate Studio will play a crucial role in driving efficiency and productivity. With the new modules set to be available from July 2024, organizations can look forward to a new era of streamlined data automation and enhanced operational capabilities.

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