SAP HR Strategy Evolves with Gina Vargiu-Breuer’s Appointment


As the digital corporate world continually evolves, SAP marks its next chapter with the induction of Gina Vargiu-Breuer as the new Chief People Officer. This strategic move isn’t just a regular shift in personnel; it represents the German enterprise software giant’s tenacious efforts to bring renewed vigor to the SAP HR strategy. This decision makes it evident that SAP is earnest about staying ahead, ensuring its human resource blueprint remains both contemporary and proactive.

Navigating through Gina Vargiu-Breuer’s illustrious career is akin to flipping through a best-seller on leadership. Her role as the Global Head of HR at Siemens Energy stands out prominently. There, she steered the organization through the complex waters of its separation from its parent, Siemens, back in 2019. Vargiu-Breuer didn’t just lead; she emphasized an inclusive model of transformation, ensuring that every voice, from the senior leadership to the grassroots workforce, played a role in sculpting the company’s future.

Before her impactful journey with Siemens Energy, Vargiu-Breuer honed her skills at Siemens. Her roles there were not confined to one geographical region but spanned across continents, from the bustling cities of Asia to the innovation hubs of the United States and the dynamic markets of the UAE. Such extensive international exposure has not only broadened her horizons but has made her an adept handler of diverse teams and cultures. With an academic foundation in Business Psychology from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, her commitment to the HR domain further gained prominence with a three-year tenure on the SAP Executive Board.

The Road Ahead for SAP HR Strategy

Gearing up for the future, Vargiu-Breuer’s leadership compass will primarily focus on supercharging SAP’s transformational journey. Her vision is clear: to make SAP a beacon for growth-centric, inclusive cultures. By integrating the principles of diversity and agility, she aims to take SAP’s HR strategy to unprecedented heights.

Reiterating the symbiotic relationship between corporate and personnel strategies, Vargiu-Breuer spotlights the significance of comprehensive personnel management. For her, it’s not just about having people; it’s about creating an ecosystem where they can thrive. An environment that motivates, engages, and values its employees is what will drive SAP into the future digital economy’s limelight.

In a heartfelt reflection on her LinkedIn, Vargiu-Breuer painted a picture of her mixed emotions. The thrill of embarking on a new chapter with SAP is evident, combined with a sincere appreciation for the trust extended to her by the SAP leadership. Yet, the nostalgia of parting with Siemens Energy, her professional home for over two decades, was palpable. Her genuine affinity for the company’s ethos, culture, and colleagues was a testament to the profound bonds she had formed.

SAP’s top brass, in turn, has shown unwavering confidence in Vargiu-Breuer’s abilities. The sentiments of Professor Hasso Plattner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP SE, underscore her potential to lead SAP’s HR into a transformative era. Concurrently, gratitude abounds for Sabine Bendiek, whose indelible contributions have set SAP on a solid path towards holistic transformation.

“With Gina Vargiu-Breuer, we have found an exceptional leader who can continue to drive our ongoing transformation, particularly in the realm of human resources, and make crucial contributions. On behalf of the Supervisory Board, I warmly welcome Gina and wish her a successful start at SAP. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sabine Bendiek, who, during her tenure, set crucial foundations for a successful and sustainable transformation of the company at both the personnel and operational levels,” Plattner said in a statement.

Moreover, as Vargiu-Breuer prepares to infuse new energy into SAP’s HR strategy, other leadership shifts are in motion. The Chief Operating Officer’s mantle, previously held by Sabine Bendiek, will soon be adorned by Chief Strategy Officer Sebastian Steinhaeuser on January 1, 2024. This shift is not merely titular. With Steinhaeuser’s strategic prowess now merging with operational responsibilities, SAP is undoubtedly poised for a future of integrated excellence.

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