SAP Industry Cloud Powers Cogniac’s Transformation


As we navigate the digital age, stories of transformative growth continue to inspire enterprises around the world. One such remarkable tale is that of Cogniac, a previously small-scale startup from Silicon Valley. This AI-driven company leveraged the cutting-edge capabilities of SAP Industry Cloud to scale from a promising concept to an impressive commercial success story. Their journey serves as a blueprint for startups aiming to make their mark in the industry.

SAP’s innovative “one-portfolio” approach has been a pivotal catalyst in driving Cogniac’s unprecedented growth. This distinctive philosophy promotes active collaboration between diverse entities, including established companies, independent developers, and a myriad of other partners. When these different forces coalesce, they form a creative powerhouse, capable of developing solutions that generate mutual benefits. They cater to customer needs and foster a growth-oriented ecosystem where all parties involved can thrive.

In the vast technological landscape, Cogniac’s solution found its roots within the SAP.iO program. Following a successful pilot project in the automotive parts production sector, the solution underwent further refinement and scaling. Today, it stands commercialized, ready to serve a plethora of industry verticals ranging from travel and transportation to industrial manufacturing. This evolution underlines the power of SAP Industry Cloud in turning revolutionary concepts into tangible, market-ready solutions.

Adding another layer of expertise to this triumphant alliance is Syntax, a Montreal-based industry cloud partner. Syntax brings its proficiency in customer implementations to the table, playing an instrumental role in scaling Cogniac’s technology and tailoring it to fit various customer use cases.

Expediting Enterprise-Level Scaling with SAP’s Industry Cloud

A particularly notable achievement of this partnership is the rapid enterprise-scale implementation of visual inspection capabilities developed by Cogniac. Because of its seamless integration with existing infrastructure and workflows, Syntax can install these capabilities within a short span of just a couple of days. This swift deployment is a testament to the efficiency of SAP Industry Cloud and its transformative potential.

The AI technology driving these visual inspection capabilities marks a crucial turning point in shop floor automation. It delivers faster inspections with improved accuracy, all while keeping costs low. By combining the power of automation and enhanced decision-making, this AI-based solution significantly augments human intelligence. It frees human resources from repetitive tasks and empowers them to focus on more complex, value-added activities.

Cogniac’s journey paints an inspiring picture. In late 2020, despite its pioneering AI and CV technology, the company was yet to make a significant mark. However, the SAP.iO program provided the much-needed platform for Cogniac to introduce its technology to a wider audience and explore new markets. By the spring of 2023, Cogniac had not just established a strong market presence but had also joined the ranks of the likes of AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

The company’s Visual Operations Intelligence platform is now an integral component of SAP’s industry cloud, contributing to its vast suite of over 300 apps and end-to-end solutions. Through the SAP Store, this technology is made accessible to clients across a multitude of industry verticals. It has also found its way into the SAP Digital Manufacturing solution, lending AI-enabled visual inspection capabilities to a diverse range of industries.

The fruitful collaboration between Cogniac, Syntax, and SAP, enabled by the SAP Industry Cloud, sketches a promising future of technological convergence. It unveils a win-win-win scenario for customers, partners, and SAP, setting an inspiring example for startups and enterprises alike. This unique amalgamation of collaboration, technological synergy, and customer-centric innovation represents the dawn of a new paradigm in the commercialization journey, illustrating the boundless potential of the digital age.

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