SAP Internship Program Launches Talent Revolution


SAP UK & Ireland has launched a groundbreaking Apprenticeship Scheme, signaling a strong investment in the future of the UK’s workforce and the tech industry at large. With an ambitious blueprint to foster innovation and nurture a competitive edge, the SAP internship scheme is not merely a program but a strategic vision to sculpt the business landscape.

Amidst a rapidly evolving technological environment, SAP’s Apprenticeship Scheme commenced in September 2023, pioneering an educational model designed to polish the skills of its current employees while simultaneously opening doors for aspiring professionals. This inclusive approach acknowledges the diversity of career stages, extending a hand to school leavers, graduates, seasoned employees, and those re-entering the workforce.

The scope of this educational endeavor is further broadened by SAP’s commitment of £400,000 to fortify the talent pipelines of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and channel partners. This targeted financial boost is set to catalyze talent cultivation, ensuring a robust support system for the broader business community reliant on SAP’s ecosystems.

The structure of the apprenticeship is meticulously crafted, offering a four-year tenure that blends earning with high-caliber learning, ranging from diplomas at level three up to level seven. Existing SAP employees will experience a renaissance of knowledge, with leadership courses orchestrated by Corndel and Imperial Business School and specialized training in project management, Sales Transformation, and Business Transformation facilitated by Consalia and Corndel.

SAP Internship Scheme Bridges the Skills Gap

Fresh entrants to the field and those returning after a hiatus are welcomed into a suite of Degree Apprenticeships, Post-Graduate Diplomas, and Executive Masters. A collaborative effort among prestigious institutions like Consalia, Corndel, Middlesex University, and Kingston University lays the educational foundation. Participants will immerse themselves in the intricacies of B2B sales and undergo rigorous training in disciplines such as Professional Practice, Technical Consulting, and Sales and Account Transformation. The end goal is clear—equip apprentices to navigate the employment landscape within SAP or to stride confidently into roles within SAP’s extensive partner network.

Lindsey Rowe, at the helm of Strategic Programmes & Sustainability GTM, underscores the dual benefit of SAP’s scheme: a commitment to progressive and inclusive workplace culture coupled with the pursuit of unrivaled business transformation. The collaboration with prominent universities and specialized institutions stands as a hallmark of SAP’s dedication to continuous talent development.

In partnership with SAP, Corndel aims to embed degree apprenticeships seamlessly into the corporate ecosystem. As articulated by James Kelly, the CEO of Corndel, these apprenticeships embody a sustainable strategy to bridge the UK’s skill deficits, fostering growth and stimulating innovation.

Furthermore, Dr. Phil Squire of Consalia illuminates SAP’s trailblazing role in educational initiatives, particularly in the domain of sales education. SAP’s new endeavor echoes Consalia’s mission to elevate the sales profession to unprecedented prominence, with the Degree Apprenticeship and Post Graduate Diploma in Senior Sales Leadership spotlighting the development of SAP UK’s sales force.

A Future-Focused Blueprint for Success

SAP’s Apprenticeship Scheme is not simply an investment in individual careers but a forward-thinking move that aligns with the UK’s industrial strategy, aiming to close the skills gap and drive economic growth. By crafting a lattice of educational pathways and professional development, SAP is ensuring that its workforce is not just equipped for the jobs of today but is also prepared to lead the industries of tomorrow.

The comprehensive approach to SAP internship weaves together a narrative of growth, opportunity, and innovation. It is an initiative that offers a microcosm of the company’s broader ethos: to empower through education, to lead through innovation, and to grow by investing in people. As the UK strives to solidify its position in the global market, initiatives like the SAP internship program serve as crucial engines of progress, powering the country’s ascent through the ranks of technology leadership.

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