SAP Signavio Solutions Lead 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant


SAP Signavio solutions have been recognized as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Process Mining Platforms for the second consecutive year. This positioning highlights SAP Signavio’s strong execution and visionary approach in the market.

In a recently published article, Dee Houchen, Global Head of Market Impact for SAP Signavio, said that the company’s solutions are designed to address diverse customer use cases, including operational excellence, compliance, automation, and transformation. Revenue NSW, the tax collection agency in the Australian state of New South Wales, exemplifies how SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can drive innovation and customer-centricity in revenue collection.

Revenue NSW, which accounts for more than 35% of the state’s finances, embarked on a journey to analyze cases of client overpayments in land tax. By leveraging SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, the agency gained valuable insights into the reasons behind overpayments and the client experience during refund processing. These insights not only helped reduce overpayment volumes and improve the client experience but also enabled the agency to work more efficiently for its diverse stakeholders.

Jocelyn Yem, director of Strategy and Innovation at Revenue NSW, said that embracing innovation is a key strategic focus area for the agency, allowing them to respond to customers’ needs by fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Sabrina Bazouni, director of Land Tax at Revenue NSW, added that SAP Signavio Process Intelligence provided a clear picture of the issues surrounding land tax overpayments and a detailed roadmap for putting these insights into action.

SAP Signavio Solutions Transform Manufacturing Processes and Customer Offerings

Fujitsu Limited, a global technology company, has recognized the far-reaching impact of SAP Signavio solutions and has integrated them across its operations and portfolio. At one of its manufacturing plants in Japan, Fujitsu utilized SAP Signavio Process Intelligence to incorporate process execution data from the shop floor into its long-standing continuous improvement model.

By integrating process data into Kaizen discussions, Fujitsu gained unprecedented insights that facilitated the optimization of shop-floor processes and the transformation of their Kaizen approach from traditional to digital. This data-driven approach, powered by process mining, has revolutionized the way Fujitsu identifies and implements improvements in its manufacturing processes.

Moreover, Fujitsu’s firsthand experience with SAP Signavio solutions has enabled the company to enhance its customer offerings with new frameworks, insights, and tools that support organizations in realigning their processes and implementing changes rapidly. This has positioned Fujitsu as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to undergo digital transformation and optimize their operations.

Looking ahead, Fujitsu plans to expand its use of SAP Signavio solutions both internally and externally. One notable initiative involves the combination of digital twin concepts for organizations and the intelligent enterprise, with business process transformation solutions serving as the catalyst for change.

The success stories of Revenue NSW and Fujitsu Limited demonstrate the transformative power of SAP Signavio solutions in driving innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence across industries. As organizations continue to navigate the challenges of the digital age, the adoption of process mining and business process transformation solutions will be crucial in unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

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