SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite Improved with New Capabilities


The SAP SuccessFactors HXM (Human Experience Management) Suite has been updated with new improvements that were recently revealed at the SuccessConnect virtual conference.

In recent years, the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite continues to expand with new additions that aim to improve workplace productivity and internal mobility. In 2020, SAP Work Zone for HR, a digital workplace built in SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), was launched. Another addition to the suite, SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace, is a framework that enables upskilling and increases retention and engagement driven by machine learning (ML) technologies. This intends to help organizations keep their employees engaged and motivated, while also ensuring that they have the skill sets needed to meet future demands.

As businesses continue to strive for a more holistic view of the skills and capabilities within their workforce, the latest advancements to the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite aim to provide them with a better understanding of these important factors through data, ML, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. By harnessing the power of these cutting-edge tools, organizations can gain invaluable insights into their workforce that can help them make more informed decisions about talent management and development.

Furthermore, the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite facilitates the transition to the cloud for customers utilizing the SAP enterprise resource planning (SAP ERP) Human Capital Management solution, thereby providing these businesses with a powerful way of executing an integrated talent development plan and creating a future-ready workforce. SAP SuccessFactors President and Chief Product Officer Meg Bear said that SAP has a long history in the field of talent management, and the company is currently rethinking the ways in which businesses handle the management and development of their employees in order to adapt to the changing needs of the future of work.

“When people have the opportunity to work on what they’re passionate about, they are more engaged, perform at a higher level and push the organization to deliver outsized business results,” Bear added.

Future-Proofing Businesses with SAP SuccessFactors HXM

In the second half of 2022, SAP stated in its press release that Skills Ontology will become available. This tool utilizes ML and automation to identify an employee’s skills based on their role, responsibilities, experiences and accomplishments. It also provides a holistic view of an organization’s skills on a global scale, which can be very useful for businesses.

Additionally, a new Growth Portfolio helps employees bring their whole selves to work by providing a dynamic collection of attributes, including skills, strengths, work styles, and goals. This ultimately allows employees to tap into their full potential and create more value for the organization.

Moreover, companies now have the ability to form, monitor, and optimize the performance of teams that operate outside of hierarchical structures thanks to a new capability known as Dynamic Teams. The SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution enables organizations to implement objective key results (OKRs) for Dynamic Teams to monitor and evaluate performance. In addition, the SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect employees with Dynamic Teams based on what people know rather than who they know.

Commenting on the latest enhancements unveiled at the SuccessConnect event — one of the most important HR conferences of the year as it attracts HR professionals, IT administrators, and business unit heads — Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin shared: 

“SAP has created a system for managing the organization of the future, today. The new architecture and capabilities in SAP SuccessFactors represent a quantum leap forward in delivering what organizations need to manage, grow and enable their people and teams.”

Finally, users of SAP SuccessFactors can now declare their preferred name and pronouns on their public profile, giving them the power to take control of their professional identities and be seen and heard as they truly are. SAP claims that by the end of Q4 2022, all SAP SuccessFactors clients will have access to the option to use their preferred names and pronouns. Early adopters can start using Skills Ontology, Growth Portfolio, and Dynamic Teams in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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