T-Systems Accelerates Migration to the Cloud for SAP Customers


T-Systems has recently announced its qualification to deliver business transformation packages based on multi-cloud environments in support of RISE with SAP, helping accelerate migration to the cloud for SAP customers.

RISE with SAP, the software giant’s holistic Business Transformation as a Service offering, is designed to assist in the technical migration of business-critical workloads into the cloud for SAP customers, and help them advance their digital transformation as they work towards being an intelligent enterprise.

T-Systems and SAP’s partnership in the last 20 years enabled them to deliver advanced SAP solutions and services to global customers from all industries. Both partners have been working closely together to help customers digitalise and innovate their business processes, build resiliency, and further improve their experiences.

From on-prem services to private cloud landscapes, the collaboration now takes on all-inclusive, public, and multi-cloud environments to support customers in adopting new business models as they embark on their digital transformation journey.

“The RISE with SAP offering helps simplify and accelerate our customers’ move to the cloud and will help deliver continuous innovation throughout their journey to become an intelligent enterprise,” said Dr. Uwe Grigoleit, Senior Vice President and General manager, SAP S/4HANA, SAP.

Grigoleit maintained:

“Together with our strong ecosystem, we will help customers chart a course for their business transformation.” 

Seamless Migration to the Cloud for SAP Clients

Following the recently announced qualification to offer RISE with SAP, T-Systems assists companies in the migration that is necessary to move to the platform, along with existing services such as integration, consulting, DevOps, implementation, and application, management, and modernisation (AMM) services.

T-Systems’ established experience with complex migrations on a global scale allows for a seamless transition and reduces risks for existing and new clients.

Primarily aimed at moving on-premises S/4HANA workloads into SAP’s cloud, RISE with SAP offers a cohesive and holistic experience with SAP applications by providing a comprehensive and complete Business Transformation as a Service to help customers in their transformation as an intelligent enterprise.

Based on the principles and methods of RISE with SAP, T-Systems and SAP have begun working on a test project to evaluate a partial migration of Deutsche Telekom’s SAP environment to a new SAP S/4HANA landscape.

Elena Ordoñez del Campo, Senior Vice President SAP Solutions at T-Systems, stated that the company is dedicated to producing an effective outcome whenever it engages in a client’s transformation journey to the cloud with SAP S/4HANA. She added:

“We are a proud partner qualified for RISE with SAP. And we will work together with SAP from the start to address a customer’s unique needs and customer success.”

Acting as a multi-cloud orchestrator for complex SAP landscapes including non-SAP systems, T-Systems also leverages its recently expanded alliances with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

Furthermore, cloud and SAP experts at T-Systems handled numerous projects for businesses in various industries including the use of SAP software on Brazilian foundry BR Matozinhos’ transformation.

As a global platinum partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program, T-Systems has access to learning content, resources, training courses, and benefits that partners need to provide in-demand services and solutions to customers.

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