WooliesX wins SAP’s Chris O’Brien Award


This week, SAP released the list of the winners of the SAP Best Run Awards 2020. Among the winners is WooliesX, which won the “Chris O’Brien Award.”

The “Chris O’Brien Award” recognises companies who leverage SAP technologies to bring about significant social impact by promoting sustainability and improving people’s lives. The award is named after Chris O’Brien, SAP’s Customer Officer who passed in 2019. This is the first year the award was given.

According to SAP:

“Chris himself was a Social Hero establishing a social enterprise business called ‘Buy Undies Give Undies.’ For every pair sold, one was donated to kids in need.”

WooliesX Kindness Cards

Back in March, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, Woolworths identified that the more vulnerable customers—the elderly, people with disabilities, and those already infected with the virus—would be significantly impacted with limited to no access to even the basic needs such as groceries.

The Australian supermarket chain quickly recognised that communities across the country would be relying on its services to get through state-mandated lockdowns.

Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci said at the time:

“We understand many of our older or more vulnerable customers will be anxious about their food and grocery needs in the weeks ahead. Going to the supermarket is a key part of everyday life for many of them, and some will have never even considered ordering groceries online before. We’re working at pace to reshape our business, and thanks to the support of the likes of Australia Post and DHL, we will be able to better service those in self-isolation…”

To help identify, triage, and support those vulnerable customers, Woolworths created a new eGift card program: “Kindness Cards” which was developed and released by WooliesX in under a week. The program is supported by SAP Hybris platform and SAP Customer Data Cloud (used as a validation method). 

WooliesX Kindness Cards are directly issued to charity and government organisations via the SAP Hybris platform and distributed to vulnerable customers—as identified by organisations. Those issued with a Kindness Card receive access to dedicated delivery windows through the “Priority Assistance” service along with access to purchase the Woolworths Basic Box.

Orders are placed using the Kindness Card are triaged as priority. During the period when delivery windows were limited, these orders were eligible to receive dedicated, contactless home delivery via AusPost.

Furthermore, through the program, other customers can now purchase or contribute towards a card donation which serves as a mode of payment for those requiring financial assistance.

Kshitija Deshmukh, Senior Delivery Manager at Woolworths comments:

“The team has done a fantastic job with a quick turnaround for Woolworths Kindness Cards! Originally designed to validate and allow vulnerable customers to obtain assistance from government and charities, [the program] now has been opened up for fellow Australians to donate Kindness Cards to charities that can then support vulnerable Australians! Enabling us to bring a little good to everyone every day!”

About WooliesX

WooliesX is the digital arm of Woolworths Group Limited. The company is an innovation business that brings together the brightest minds in e-commerce, technology, media, and data to transform the way people live and shop.

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