CN Group: End to End

By Nathan Dukes

Another SAP Service Partner in the marketplace? Sound familiar?  In this case it’s not. CN Group, under the leadership of well known industry figures Brian Pereira and Richard Gibbs, has a very different value proposition for the marketplace, and is the first to provide an end to end hosted solution to customers.

CN Group is targeting the SAP All-In-One install base with a value proposition which sees increased SAP system performance through the hosted solution, access to configuration and support services through their consulting team and even the value add of access to hardware purchasing power which was previously only achieved by larger customers. To put it simply, CN Group is a single vendor solution for SAP customers in the All-In-One marketplace.

The high profile management team of Pereira and Gibbs is a partnership which dates back several years with both sharing senior management roles at UXC owned Oxygen Business Solutions in the past.

Between Pereira and Gibbs they have quickly managed to establish the CN Group practice and have a growing customer list with promises of success stories to be released to the market in the near future.

Whilst already achieving SAP PartnerEdge status, Pereira and Gibbs are pursuing an SAP hosting partnership early in 2010 which will see the CN Group as the first hosting partner servicing the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

Pereira sees the mid market space as a fantastic opportunity for CN Group due to the recent changes in the existing vendors in the space, with the likes of Supply Chain and Extend Technologies being lifted by Fujitsu and NTT respectively.

Whilst CN Group has particular strengths in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Contract Management and Programme Management, the depth of experience within the CN Group consulting team allows them to service all consulting and configuration needs for their customers – across all modules of SAP.

The newest partner in the SAP ecosystem, CN Group has already grown significantly over the past 12 months and is expecting to continue the rapid expansion through 2010.

Achieving 100{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} growth in the practice over the 12 months is no mean feat in light of the recent Global Financial Crisis and demonstrates the need for a single vendor solution within the SAP A1 space. As we exit the GFC, all eyes will be on Pereira and Gibbs as they steer CN Group into the uncharted territory of an Australian SAP Hosting Partner and beyond.

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