SAP Extended Business Program expanded to NZ

By Nathan Dukes

SAP NZ will expand their multi channel sales model next year with a new partner program.

The company will enlist the support of a group of companies, who will become Extended Business Members, as part of the Extended Business Partner program, according to one NZ news website.

SAP says the Extended Business program is ideal for partners who have sales or implementation capabilities but are not able to meet the full requirements or investment of SAP PartnerEdge for channel partners.

The SAP Extended Business program enables organisations ‘that regularly recommend, implement, or develop solutions to benefit from a closer relationship with a highly successful SAP partner – and become more closely aligned with SAP’.

The Extended Business Program will work with SAP Value Added Resellers to expand the number of avenues customers can access SAP solutions.

The program offers these partners SAP training, and access to the latest tools and technologies.

The initiative is a far cry from the original direct sales model, where all customer sales were made with SAP.

The program has already been introduced in North America, and SAP Canada is undertaking a similar transition to a multi channel sales model.

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