SAP Customer Experience Transforms ElAraby’s Digital Realm


In a significant move that underscores their commitment to superior service, ElAraby Group has sealed a deal to integrate the Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) offering RISE with SAP. This collaboration will facilitate an extensive cloud transition, prominently featuring tools like SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX).

ElAraby Group, the renowned electronics and home appliances provider in the MENA region, has revealed its newest phase of digital evolution in partnership with German global technology enterprise SAP. By embarking on this transformative journey, the Egyptian conglomerate seeks to integrate a comprehensive cloud migration. This integration encompasses pioneering cloud solutions like SAP Customer Experience, SAP Signavio, SAP Business Technology Platform, and the SAP Digital Supply Chain. The adoption of these solutions paves the way for ElAraby to amplify its customer-centric methodologies while simultaneously solidifying its supply chain resilience.

The inauguration of this partnership aligns seamlessly with ElAraby’s recent successful roll-out of a slew of SAP solutions, further reinforcing their commitment to digital modernization. Spearheaded by SAP Services, this initiative is one of the most monumental cloud migrations for SAP within the Egyptian realm.

Since its inception in 1964, ElAraby has been a symbol of innovation and has expanded its product range to offer over 40 diverse products encompassing more than 2000 items in 60 countries. Its vast distribution framework includes over 3,000 sales hubs and 180 post-sales service locations. With the new SAP solutions, this intricate network, spanning factories, supply chains, warehouses, and retail outlets, has transitioned to the revolutionary S/4HANA, SAP’s flagship ERP solution.

The Anticipated Impact of RISE with SAP

The vice president of ElAraby Group stressed that despite the company’s expansive growth over the past six decades, their cornerstone remains their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their alliance with SAP over the past two years aims to streamline processes across their expansive operations. The goal? To deliver unparalleled products and services that resonate with their consumer base.

Adopting RISE with SAP is anticipated to yield manifold benefits for ElAraby. Not only will it enhance their cybersecurity measures and trim operational costs, but it will also guarantee seamless upgrades to the integrated SAP modules. The platform is crafted meticulously to elevate companies’ cloud journey, catering to each business’s unique challenges and foundational structure. However, its implications extend beyond a mere technical transition to the cloud. It facilitates genuine business transformation, ensuring a swifter market entry for novel capabilities while enabling perpetual evolution.

The Chief Information Officer of ElAraby Group highlighted the significance of SAP Customer Experience in their future trajectory. By utilizing SAP’s cutting-edge cloud solutions, ElAraby anticipates achieving comprehensive operational oversight, especially within its supply chain domain. The inclusion of advanced analytical tools will further empower them to nimbly adapt to market fluxes and shifting consumer preferences.

Furthermore, ElAraby’s personnel, a formidable team of over 40,000, stand to gain immensely. Solutions like SAP SuccessFactors promise to elevate employee engagement, automate routine tasks, and fortify the bond between human resources and business functionalities. The outcome? A workforce that’s not just prepared for the present but is also primed for the future.

SAP Egypt’s Managing Director emphasized SAP’s instrumental role in equipping ElAraby with tools that serve their customers, associates, and employees. This partnership resonates with Egypt Vision 2030, enabling ElAraby to swiftly harness state-of-the-art cloud solutions. This decisive move ensures that ElAraby remains agile, scalable, and adaptable, setting the gold standard for ongoing operational enhancement.

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