SAP makes first strategic IoT acquisition


Photo: Fedem Technology AS

SAP has bought Norwegian company, Fedem Technology AS, in what it says is its first strategic Internet of Things (IoT) acquisition.

Fedem’s technology will enhance SAP’s cloud-based predictive maintenance product and services portfolio.

Fedem’s unique advanced engineering experience and proprietary software modules will be built into SAP’s next generation end-to-end IoT solutions for predictive maintenance as well as real time structural integrity monitoring and Industry 4.0 scenarios.

“We will integrate engineering, physics and mathematics with digital expertise, and become the first software company that uses Newtown’s laws of physics in the context of the Internet of Things,” said Stefano Holguin, country general manager, SAP Norway. “The aim is to develop a cloud-based solution that monitors physical systems in real time.”

By combining sensors, digital models of structures and the use of physical laws in platforms and applications, organisations can get an overview of wear and tear in equipment, vehicles or plant operations, and can conduct proactive maintenance, lessening downtime. The technology is expected to be particularly relevant for companies in the renewable energy, oil and gas, and marine and mechanical industries.

“Analysis is run based on the laws of physics, which at this level can provide definitive answers. We create a digital clone of the installation, collect sensor data from the physical structure in the cloud, analyse the data we get in real time, and always have an overview of the structure’s condition,” said Arnulf Hagen, CEO, Fedem Technology.

With 20 employees and offices in Trondheim and Oslo, Fedem Technology has been developing and deploying its own software since 1994, and supplying engineering and analytical services since 2003.

“With SAP we get a significantly larger international market for our technology. Along with the network and platforms SAP is offering, we can connect physical installations to the internet in a whole new way and undertake complex analyses even fasert,” said Hagen. “It is not only real-time analysis of how customers’ physical structures are affected by wear, but also allows for simulation-based control systems to minimise wear.”

Hagen said the acquisition by SAP will help Fedem to take its technology further.

“The enormously rapid advances in seniors technology and computing power meant that it was now time to see how our software could be used in a better way and in new contexts. With SAP, we get the market’s most powerful engine behind our software. Coupled with SAP’s analytics, we offer unique solutions for monitoring the state of structures.”

Fedem Technology will become part of SAP’s Digital Assets and Internet of Things business, led by Tanja Rueckert, and Hagen will continue to lead Fedem from its Trondheim headquarters.

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