Cisco expands SAP Competence Center in Walldorf

Increased demand amongst SAP customers for the Cisco UCS server platform has prompted the opening of a dedicated Cisco SAP Competence Center within the Partner Port near SAP HQ in Walldorf, Germany.

The new facility was opened in mid-November, and while its areas of activity are quite diverse, a significant focus will be SAP HANA. The Competence Center’s location on the SAP campus will provide for greater collaboration between Cisco and HANA experts locally, but also with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, and the German and international sales teams.

According to Cisco SAP alliance manager Jorg Troger, the Cisco/SAP virtual team already numbers 150 and continues to increase.

Dr Michael Missbach, Cisco SAP Competence Center leader, said, “Practical experience shows that most if not all SAP HANA customers require full service and support, so it is important that Cisco is able to provide this full service and support, including development, quality assurance, customer service, consulting, implementation and migration. We can also provide 24×365 support. With all the experts under one roof, a continuous flow of information and solutions from a single source is obtained.

“The Competence Center will act as a contact point for customers and partners to learn further about the benefits of the Cisco infrastructure for SAP and also experience proof of concepts, not just in the context of on-site workshops in Walldorf, but everywhere in the world,” Missbach said.


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