Foodstuffs South Island Implements SAP S/4HANA RISE


Foodstuffs South Island, New Zealand’s leading grocery retailer, has successfully implemented SAP S/4HANA RISE in a significant move towards digital transformation. This strategic shift enables the organization to optimize its operations, revolutionize the member and supplier experience, and effectively meet the growing demand for fresh and affordable groceries.

Foodstuffs South Island, with its extensive network of over 200 stores, ranging from full-service supermarkets to convenient neighborhood shops, serves the needs of South Island residents. The organization boasts a strong workforce of more than 14,000 dedicated members and collaborates with over 1,200 suppliers to ensure a seamless supply chain. As a forward-thinking enterprise, Foodstuffs South Island recognized the need to embrace modern cloud technology to unlock greater business value and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Unlocking Operational Efficiency with SAP S/4HANA RISE

The decision to implement SAP S/4HANA RISE, along with Business Technology Platform (BTP) Services such as SAP Datasphere, Process Integration, and Launchpad Service, has been a game-changer for Foodstuffs South Island. Shayne Tong, the Chief Digital Officer, emphasizes that the organization’s primary focus is on its people, with technology serving as an enabler to enhance the experience for members, suppliers, and customers alike. By modernizing their systems and tools through SAP, Foodstuffs South Island has successfully streamlined various aspects of their operations, making processes easier, simpler, and more efficient for their workforce.

The transition to a cloud-based retail supply chain model has provided Foodstuffs South Island with the agility to innovate at a rapid pace. By leveraging the latest advancements offered by SAP, the organization can now deliver superior experiences and competitive prices to its customers. The single, real-time view of data across the entire business empowers employees to quickly derive valuable insights into customer preferences and product pricing. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and enables the organization to respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.

Transforming Member and Supplier Experiences

The implementation of SAP S/4HANA RISE has not only benefited Foodstuffs South Island’s internal operations but has also significantly improved the experiences of its members and suppliers. Vendors now have the ability to directly upload and monitor promotions within the organization’s systems, enhancing data accuracy and reducing the workload on employees managing retail offers. This streamlined process frees up valuable time for employees to focus on delivering value-added services to customers, ultimately elevating the overall shopping experience.

Moreover, members of Foodstuffs South Island now have access to cutting-edge handheld technologies connected to SAP. These devices enable them to perform inventory adjustments, efficiently pack click-and-collect orders, and review product recommendations generated through the Unified Demand Forecast (UDF) component. The integration of machine learning capabilities within the SAP Customer Activity Repository allows for accurate prediction of consumer demand, particularly for short-dated products like fresh produce. This innovation has not only reduced food wastage but also optimized shelf space allocation for high-turnover items, ensuring that customers always have access to the freshest and most in-demand products.

Adrian Griffin, the Managing Director of SAP New Zealand, commends Foodstuffs South Island for their successful and well-executed transition to SAP RISE. He emphasizes that by embracing cloud technology, the organization has positioned itself for sustainable future growth and long-term value creation for its stakeholders. The move to SAP RISE marks a significant milestone in Foodstuffs South Island’s ongoing digital transformation journey, enabling them to harness the power of embedded intelligence, real-time insights, and advanced technologies to build resilience in an ever-evolving retail landscape.

Looking ahead, Foodstuffs South Island plans to further leverage SAP’s embedded artificial intelligence capabilities to enhance forecasting and inventory management. This forward-thinking approach also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement and its dedication to providing the best possible experience for its customers, members, and suppliers.

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