Latest SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solution Unveiled


Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Datasphere — the next generation of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution — provides unified access for data integration, semantic modeling, data warehousing, federation, and virtualization.

This March 2023 marked a new milestone for SAP as they launch SAP Datasphere – their next-generation Data Warehouse Cloud solution helping distributed mission-critical business data across organizations’ entire data landscape. By providing simple yet secure access to both SAP and non-SAP solutions, it enables teams to make informed decisions rooted in massive amounts of available data without straining IT resources.

This has already been demonstrated by Messer Americas which needed a modernized architecture that maintained the rich business context of its enterprise data; they successfully achieved this using SAP Datasphere together with strong enterprise security capabilities such as database security, encryption & governance. With an added layer of enterprise security like encryption and governance, customers can expect all business context and logic preserved in their production environment with no additional steps or migrations required.

According to Messer Americas Chief Information Officer (CIO) David Johnston, SAP Datasphere helps to simplify the company’s data landscape, which provides the firm with increased trust in the data it works with on a daily basis and enables the organization to better meet the demands of the business. He added:

“We are able to react faster to emergent changes in supply and demand, resulting in better inventory management, improved customer service, and optimization of our supply chain.”

Utilizing Partnerships for Strategic Approach to Data Management

Through strategic partnerships between various leading companies such as Collibra (data cataloging), Confluent (data streaming), Databricks (Data Lakehouse), and DataRobot (multimodal automated machine learning) – customers are able to combine all their data in one place like never before.

Collibra’s tailored integration with SAP allows users to build a complete data catalog with full lineages across their entire data landscape, providing an enterprise governance strategy. Confluent’s cloud-native offering provides the foundation for data in motion, letting real-time sensitive data from various sources flow uninhibitedly across an organization. Meanwhile, Databricks enables customers to integrate their Data Lakehouse with SAP software so that business context is preserved when sharing data between systems. And finally, DataRobot provides multimodal automated machine learning capabilities for customers to leverage on top of SAP Datasphere.

Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of Data and Analytics Market Research at IDC, explained that everyone wants access to SAP data, thus it is very important to leverage collaborations across tech vendors in order to have a comprehensive data strategy. He further said:

“Organizations today live in a world where a multi-cloud, multivendor, and off- and on-premise data landscape is the norm. SAP is taking a new approach by partnering with a select group of leading partners, treating third-party data as a first-class citizen to better meet the needs of customers.”

SAP Datasphere: Next-Gen SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solution

SAP’s next-gen Data Warehouse Cloud solution isn’t just about providing secure access to mission-critical data but also enabling organizations to use their available resources more efficiently and unlock valuable insights from within their data. This is achieved through the combination of strong enterprise security, strategic partnerships with leading companies, and a unified platform that gives users the ability to gain insight into their data quickly and securely.

As businesses increasingly rely on mission-critical data in order to make informed decisions, SAP Datasphere represents an important milestone in solving challenges faced by distributed enterprises today and provides them with the tools they need now to succeed tomorrow.  With its next-gen Data Warehouse Cloud solution, SAP has once again demonstrated its commitment to helping organizations make efficient use of their data and improving their competitive edge.

SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller shared:

“With SAP customers generating 87% of total global commerce, SAP data is among a company’s most valuable business assets and is contained in the most important functions of an organization, from manufacturing to supply chains, finance, human resources and more. We want to help our customers take the next step to easily and confidently integrate SAP data with non-SAP data from third-party applications and platforms, unlocking entirely new insights and knowledge to bring digital transformation to another level.”

By leveraging the power of the said solution, customers will be able to access mission-critical data in a unified platform with strong enterprise security, strategic partnerships with leading companies, and automated machine learning (ML) capabilities on top of SAP Datasphere. This is not only set to revolutionize the way businesses store and access their data but also enable them to unlock valuable insights from within it quickly and securely – giving them a competitive advantage they need now more than ever.

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