RISE with SAP Cloud Solution Powers Hunkemöller’s Expansion


In the fast-paced world of retail, digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And at the heart of this transformative shift is the RISE with SAP cloud solution. This cloud-based service has been pivotal in catalyzing the digital overhaul of Hunkemöller International B.V., one of Europe’s most rapidly expanding lingerie brands. The brand’s transition to the cloud is setting new standards in offering personalized, data-driven customer experiences, thus successfully addressing the soaring demand in the retail sector.

With a considerable footprint extending over 850 retail stores and 15 online platforms across 23 countries, Hunkemöller encountered the need for a technological revamp. The brand required an infrastructure potent enough to support its meteoric growth while not compromising on the quality of the customer experience delivered.

Gordon Smit, the Global IT Director at Hunkemöller, recognized the importance of moving from an on-premise system to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition solution in association with Google Cloud. This significant move served as the first stepping stone in Hunkemöller’s digital transformation journey towards becoming a data-driven company.

Hunkemöller’s diverse sales strategy, which spans its own shops, wholesale, and international franchises, was another driving force behind its shift to the cloud. Their vision was to revamp their infrastructure in a way that synergizes flexibility, innovation, and in-depth insights into customers’ shopping behaviors, thereby carving a path for its continued expansion.

RISE with SAP: A Game Changer in Digital Strategy

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive cloud solution aiming to assist businesses in their transformation journey. This package integrates an array of services, ranging from operational services and technical services to advisory services, all unified on a cloud-based platform. As businesses migrate to this solution, they gain access to tools that facilitate cloud transition, business process redesign, and technical migration, thus leading to a seamless, holistic transformation.

Following the successful transition to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, Hunkemöller aims to embark on the next phase of its digital journey. The brand has plans to implement the SAP S/4HANA solution for fashion and vertical business, a specialized version of SAP S/4HANA devised specifically for the fashion industry.

By integrating this solution into one platform, Hunkemöller will be able to manage all aspects of its business, from design and wholesale to retail. This strategic plan will enable the brand to launch collections more rapidly across its channels, significantly optimize inventory and costs, and subsequently increase margins.

An analysis of Hunkemöller’s customer base reveals that about 75% of its customers are already members of the brand. Smit’s aim is to leverage the RISE with SAP cloud solutions to offer consumers an even more personalized experience. The idea is to predict when a customer is likely to make a repeat purchase and to capitalize on this intel by presenting the most suitable offer at the right time.

Achim Schneider, the Global Head of the Industry Business Unit Retail and Wholesale Distribution at SAP, acknowledges the robust collaboration that led to the successful migration from an on-premise to a cloud setting within 48 hours. Now, with RISE with SAP implemented, Schneider believes that Hunkemöller is well-positioned to continue building on its strong growth momentum and set new benchmarks in the lingerie market.

The Intersection of Retail and Digital Transformation

The RISE with SAP cloud solution is more than just a technological revamp – it embodies the meeting point of innovation, customer experience, and data-driven decision-making. As Hunkemöller embraces this solution, it is not only setting the stage for a technologically robust retail landscape but also defining a blueprint for other retailers contemplating their digital transformation journey.

With technology constantly rewriting the rules of retail, Hunkemöller’s proactive pursuit of digital transformation serves as an inspiration for others in the sector. As the brand integrates technology and customer-centric strategies to create unprecedented growth opportunities, it brings us one step closer to a future where retail and digital transformation coexist seamlessly.

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