Riskified, EPAM Partner for Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud


Riskified recently announced its integration with SAP Commerce Cloud in partnership with EPAM Systems, in a bid to make it easier for online retailers to use Riskified’s cutting-edge fraud protection solutions.

SAP’s intelligent solutions, such as SAP Commerce Cloud and its other data integration services, have received consistent recognition from Gartner over the past couple of years. The German tech giant was again placed at the top of the field in the most recent 2022 Magic Quadrant rankings. Sameer Patel, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer for SAP Customer Experience at SAP, sees Gartner’s rating as another reinforcement that SAP intelligent solutions bring reliable value to clients all around the world.

The SAP Commerce Cloud is an adaptable, scalable, and secure eCommerce platform designed for large businesses. Many of the world’s leading e-commerce companies utilize SAP Commerce Cloud to accommodate customers with complex purchase processes.

Chinese fast food giant Lao Niangjiu Foods, Mexican pharmaceutical firm Degasa S.A. de C.V., and Chinese supplier of animal medical equipment Shenzhen Mindray Animal Medical Technology Co. Ltd. are just some of the businesses that have chosen the SAP Commerce Cloud solution in the first half of 2022. In order to stay competitive in today’s market, these businesses have all opted to digitize their commercial operations.

This month, Riskified announced that they partnered with EPAM Systems, a global leader in digital transformation services and product engineering, to create a SAP Commerce Cloud connector. A pre-built connector is intended to lessen the time and effort required for SAP Commerce Cloud merchants to integrate with Riskified and to cut down on the necessary funds for integration. Riskified’s integration with SAP Commerce Cloud facilitates its immediate availability to merchants that might profit from Riskified’s fraud prevention solutions.

Furthermore, the integration also means that Riskified now works with all of the leading e-commerce solutions, including:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Previously known as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud solution that helps organizations standardize their interactions with consumers across all channels and devices.
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) – This eCommerce platform is designed for large businesses, therefore it contains advanced features including the ability to integrate with other systems and be tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Shopify – With Shopify, small companies have access to an all-in-one e-commerce platform where they can set up shop and begin selling their products to the world.
  • VTEX – VTEX is a cloud-based e-commerce system that provides e-vendors with a single location from which they can launch and manage their online stores and keep tabs on their clients at every stage of the buying process.

Collaborating with EPAM for SAP Commerce Cloud Integration

EPAM Systems was chosen by Riskified to design and implement the SAP Commerce Cloud connection because of the company’s standing as a reliable, SAP-certified platinum partner system integrator with a proven track record in the field. In addition, EPAM Systems’ proficiency in SAP solutions and e-commerce in general enables them to aid their customers in their digital transformation in the cloud, uncover game-changing innovations for their businesses, and generate brand-new avenues for profitable expansion.

New York-based apparel retailer New Era Cap Company has also joined forces with EPAM Systems to implement a cloud-first strategy in order to adapt to the demands of the modern consumer market. EPAM Systems has been recognized as an SAP Recognized Expert in the SAP e-commerce solution due to the company’s extensive software contributions to the ecosystem created around SAP Commerce Cloud.

Commenting on the partnership, Kevin Sprake, Vice President of Channel Partnerships at Riskified, said that cloud migration was simplified by working with a top system integrator like EPAM Systems. He shared:

“Adding SAP Commerce Cloud to our portfolio of integrations is a strategic move for Riskified, and one that we think will positively impact our customers and merchants on the SAP platform. SAP is a leader in the enterprise space where we specialize in reducing purchasing friction and fraud. I’m excited that SAP’s eCommerce merchants now have access to Riskified’s best-in-class fraud prevention suite of solutions.”

Myles Bunbury, SAP Customer Experience Practice Lead at EPAM Systems, mentioned that EPAM Systems’ best-in-class solution connectors are a major reason for the company’s success in the eCommerce market. He went on to say that SAP’s commitment to the eCommerce ecosystem is exemplified by the company’s engagement with Riskified.

“By investing in a solution for SAP Commerce Cloud, Riskified showcases how seriously it takes managing fraud risk on behalf of its end customers, risk advisors, and merchants by helping them lower their onboarding and total cost of ownership. Merchants are well advised to go with an AI-powered fraud detection solution like Riskified to remain highly adaptable in the era of bots and other rapidly evolving fraud techniques,” Bunbury concluded.

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