SAP Learning Hub Strengthens SAP University Alliances Program


SAP unveils SAP Learning Hub, enhanced academic edition, as part of SAP University Alliances program, further strengthening SAP’s mission to inspire and accelerate the next generation of talent and leadership in the SAP ecosystem.

SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning platform that aims to equip students with the competitive advantage to jumpstart their professional SAP career. It includes training for a variety of roles and specialization areas such as foundational knowledge of SAP’s intelligent, integrated ERP system with the SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Learning Hub Benefits

Subscribing to the program allows students 24/7 access to self-paced digital learning content on key SAP solutions, e-learning courses, as well as expert-led live sessions. It provides all the tools and materials that students need to build skills, gain hands-on experience through 60 hours of hands-on practice time using live, fully configured SAP training systems.

Moreover, SAP Learning Hub is a cost-effective way to prepare for and
attempt an SAP Global Certification exam. Student participants get the opportunity to obtain the highly recognized accreditation of excellence and differentiator through an online exam which can be taken up to three times.

According to a recent study from Pearson VUE, holding an IT certification such as the SAP Global Certification yields immediate benefits for professional careers, including higher wages, increased chances of getting a promotion, and gaining greater self-confidence at work.

Created in Partnership with SAP University Alliances

The initiative was created in partnership with SAP University Alliances which is led by Karina Edmonds. Edmonds has been growing the SAP brand in the academic sphere since April 2020 as Vice President and Head of Academies and University Alliances. Previously, she worked at Google as the University Lead for Google Cloud AI/Machine Learning for 3 years.

In a recent interview, Edmonds explains why she chose SAP and why promoting the brand is important in multiple ways,

“For much of my career I’ve supported faculty and researchers, and I feel I have a keen awareness of their needs and interests. But I also understand what is needed by the business side. In Germany and many other parts of the world, SAP is very well known among students and faculty, but I feel I’m uniquely qualified to strengthen SAP’s brand in the academic fields of engineering and computer science. The challenge for SAP is that we’re not a consumer-facing company, so unfortunately a lot of students are not aware of the brand even though they’ve likely used our products.”

The SAP University Alliances group creates initiatives (such as SAP Learning Hub, enhanced academic edition) for the early talent pipeline. Edmonds and her team work closely with the Human Resources group at SAP and SAP Labs to build the talent of the future for the intelligent enterprise and experience economy.

As members of the SAP University Alliances, faculty and teachers at educational institutions can access courses in SAP Learning Hub, enhanced academic edition including courses created openSAP so they can better prepare students for SAP certifications in the cloud. In Australia, there are 33 SAP University Alliances Member Universities including Australian National University, University of New South Wales Canberra, Monash University, and University of New South Wales Australian School of Business.

Furthermore, the SAP Academic Competence Centre (ACC) at Victoria University in Melbourne, supports the SAP University Alliances community in the Asia Pacific Japan region (APJ) of 600+ educational institutions in 18 countries, 30 SAP Next-Gen Labs, 15 SAP Next-Gen Chapters, and non-traditional educational organisations such as non-profits and accelerators. This strategic partnership—announced last year—aims to help accelerate the education of next-generation leaders using the latest SAP technologies with universities across APJ.

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