SAP Sustainability Commitment Emphasized at UNGA 77


Together with its customers and partners, SAP is committed to fostering sustainable business transformation that benefits both society and the environment. Its stated mission is “to be a force for good in a changing world,” and one way it plans to do that is by pushing the SAP sustainability commitment and helping the 77th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly succeed.

In 2021, SAP’s sustainability efforts within the company and the SAP ecosystem were recognized by Terra Carta, a charter that lays the groundwork for a recovery plan to 2030 by placing Nature, People, and Planet at the center of value creation. Furthermore, SAP CEO Christian Klein has also emphasized that the company’s solutions support the aspirational sustainability goals of enterprises and governments throughout the world as it actively participated in the UN 2021 Climate Change Conference (COP26) meeting.

Moreover, SAP believes that corporate involvement is essential to resolving global issues and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Additionally, the German tech giant SAP’s presence at the UNGA 77 will give the company visibility within the international community of leaders who are shaping the future of the environment. SAP is taking part in the general assembly since several of the UN’s objectives are also among the company’s top priorities. 

Commenting on the German software company’s participation in the event, Sebastian Steinhaeuser, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of Sustainability at SAP, said in a statement:

“Transitioning to sustainable business is the greatest social and economic opportunity of our time. Businesses need to put sustainability at the core of their strategies and use technology to manage the ‘green line’ through their business.”

The United Nations Headquarters in New York City will play host to the UNGA 77 between September 13 to September 27. The heads of states from across the world get together for official and unofficial diplomatic talks, meetings, and negotiations. Representatives from the corporate sector are also invited to take part in certain activities that are arranged by UN institutions or by groups from outside the UN.

SAP’s purpose at the UNGA 77 is to collaborate with businesses and government leaders to ensure that both sectors have access to the resources they need to fulfill reporting obligations and make progress toward mutual sustainability objectives. A delegation consisting of Steinhauser, as well other executives namely Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer and Member of the Executive Board; Deb Kaplan, Global Head of Sustainability Go to Market; Jonas Dennler, Global Sustainability Marketing and Solutions; Vivek Bapat, Senior Vice President of Purpose and Sustainability Marketing and Solutions; Alexandra van der Ploeg, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility; and Peter Selfridge, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Public Policy and Government Affairs will represent SAP at the said meeting.

Reinforcing the SAP Sustainability Vision Through Partnerships

On September 20, SAP and global management consulting services provider Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are hosting “SAP x BCG: Transforming Business Models and Technology for a Sustainable World.” The fireside chat presentation and accompanying dinner will feature SAP showcases highlighting the advantages of embracing technology-enabled sustainable growth.

Earlier this year, SAP and BCG joined forces to release a transformation offering designed to help businesses see the financial benefits of sustainability initiatives, create concrete targets for reducing their impact on the environment, and implement these changes using SAP’s enterprise strategy. The solution draws on SAP Product Footprint Management, SAP Sustainability Control Tower, and SAP Sustainability Control Tower, which are three of the German software giant’s industry-leading sustainability-oriented products.

As part of the Uniting Business Live series, SAP will also be present at the UN SDG Investment Forum in New York on September 20 and the UN Global Compact (UNGC) Private Sector Forum on September 19. The goal of the event is to facilitate high-level multi-stakeholder conversations, make sure that they connect with local expertise and implementation methods, and provide examples of effective partnerships and leadership.

All are welcome to the global event organized by the UN Global Compact, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). It can be noted the UN Global Impact is the largest sustainability-focused business coalition in the world. And to help businesses better integrate sustainability into their operations, SAP is a leading partner of the organization.

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