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Social Enterprise Meets Sustainable SAP Resourcing With Availery’s AJ Moore.

Businesses have to be the drivers of change.

Summed up beautifully by SAP’s own CEO, Bill Dermott (2019), recently at the World Economics Forum in Davos:

“ …Everyone can agree on the benefits of sustainability…”

We all agree that clean air, clean water and healthy environments are key to life on earth now and in the future. It’s also well established that businesses who actively plan for this future, are far more likely to do well in it. Companies with a sustainability focus do better in market perception, employee engagement, financial performance and brand awareness. So with the question around the benefitsof sustainability resolved… the next question is: where to from here? It’s an extremely common sustainability challenge out there in corporate-land right now: while we all know the benefits, we struggle with practical actions

At the very same World Economics Forum, Sir David Attenborough declared:

“…We need to move beyond guilt or blame and get on with the practical tasks at hand…”

And powerful declarations like that inspire the complacency right out of us.

Sure, there are some major issues out there: great, big, scary problems that are going to need great, big, (probably expensive) solutions.  But it’s often the everyday choices and actions that can really make meaningful frontline changes:

“From Little Things, Big Things Grow.”

We started our SAP careers (as most do: by complete accident!) over 15+ years ago, specialising in resourcing SAP project teams, building SAP consulting practices and empowering great SAP outcomes through project mobilisation.

We’ve long been looking for genuine ways that we can fuse our resourcing A-game with the sustainability initiative: we have gone paperless, we use keep-cups, chose green energy and support social and environmental causes as a few examples. It’s been inspiration from all these little actions, that a bigger goal has grown.  

In David James (2016) piece about how Peter Druckers ‘Productivity of Knowledge’concept could influence business and the economy, he discussed the move to:

“Repurpose Knowledge”.

So we asked ourselves a pretty confronting series of questions around that theme:

  1. Could we repurpose the knowledge we have about who has which skills, when they are available, what projects are coming up, etc, and repurpose it to make direct connections, rather than placements …. effectively disrupting our own business?
  2. Could we re-imagine ‘recruitment’ as ‘enablement’…which would essentially disrupt the broader recruitment industry?   
  3. Could we repurpose our knowledge of who can build databases and cloud technologies for us, to actually build a live database on cloud technologies for them?

The answers were yes, yes and yes.

So we’re building Availery.

Availery provides a practical solution to the resourcing question of how people and projects can find each other and engage directly, while ALSO providing a solution to the sustainability challenge of finding practical ways to make a positive difference. Poetry, right?

Availery is the Direct Booking Platform where companies can FIND® and engage SAP consultants directly, but with the higher purposeof being to grow more than just business and careers… 

Availery plants trees, for every person, every project, every month.

Practical, literal, genuine trees for new forest growth and habitat regeneration across Australia and New Zealand. An Availery subscription will save you time and money by connecting people and projects without the middleman, but also make a difference beyondthe office, just by improving the way you find talent forthe office. And you don’t even have to leave the office…

Entrench eco-positive outcomes into the every day business process of resourcing.

It all comes right back to the fact that while everyone knows the benefitsof sustainability, the challenge now is to take practical action. Working sustainably means making procurement and operational choices that go beyond just saving time and money, but also affect positive change in the world outside the office.  So we repurposed our SAP resourcing knowledge, to enable people and projects to find each other directly, in a way that makes a tangible difference to the environment on everyone’s behalf.

It might seem like a small change – choosing a new way to find and book direct to the SAP consultant – but when it saves you time and money, AND when every subscription for every person and every project earns real trees every month, you become part of a broader, dedicated ERP talent community taking deliberate action to:

Grow More Than Just Business & Careers

Because from little things, big things grow.

Availery is launching in February 2019. A flat, monthly, Availery subscription enables unlimited finding and direct engagement of SAP consultants, without placement fees, margins, commissions or pay-per-job advertising expenses; and funds the planting of trees across Australia and New Zealand for every member, every project, every month. Hire, with higher purpose. Availery is a practical sustainability business solution: save time, save money, save a forest. 

This article is sponsored by Availery


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