How Hybrid Working in SAP is Enabled by Pledge to Flex


The Pledge to Flex initiative allows employees working in SAP to better manage their work-life balance, which leads to improved productivity and engagement. Hybrid working allows people to take more control over their time by creating a schedule that reflects their needs.

SAP recognizes that trust is essential to creating a successful flexible work environment. As such, the company has committed to creating an environment of trust by investing in communication and collaboration tools, as well as training managers on how to best support their teams. The Pledge to Flex initiative affirms the German tech giant’s belief that employees should have more control over how, when, and where they work.

Furthermore, the program — launched in June last year — is SAP’s response to the growing demand for hybrid work arrangements. In addition to traditional benefits like paid time off and health insurance, the Pledge to Flex program offers employees a number of advantages, including the ability to decide when and where they work, the opportunity to take on new challenges and learn new skills, and the freedom to pursue their passions outside of work.

Since its inception, remote work has been an integral part of SAP’s culture, and the company’s DNA is built on a foundation of flexibility. However, SAP and other companies have noticed a growing demand among employees for greater freedom in their work schedules, and the Pledge to Flex initiative aims to meet this need. Pledge to Flex is a framework for creating a cutting-edge workplace that supports the growth and development of its people through the encouragement of autonomy and self-management to top-tier creativity, productivity, and adaptability.

SAP has already started making the shift to the modern workplace, with the Pledge to Flex approach now in place in 75 different countries. The company’s most recent staff poll shows that hybrid work has a favorable impact on employer attractiveness, employee empowerment, and productivity, suggesting that the Pledge to Flex is well-received.

Sharing his insights into the topic, SAP Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Future of Work Office Dr. Christian Schmeichel explained:

“Flexible work is a key differentiator for attracting and retaining world-class talent in a highly competitive labor market. Getting it right sets the foundation for a successful journey into the future of work.”

Advancing New Ways of Working in SAP

SAP AppHaus and the worldwide Future of Work team collaborated to develop the Flex Team Workshop, an innovative approach to team building that will help organizations ease into the shift to hybrid workplaces. This method encourages managers and staff to work together to establish an environment that promotes cooperation and productivity, prioritizes the needs of the business and its customers, and respects the needs of its people.

According to Andreas Hauser, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Head of SAP AppHaus Network, it is hard to believe that what began as a new work breakfast series at the SAP AppHaus has become such a major part of SAP’s human resources (HR) department. He further added:

“We co-created the new Flex Team Workshop with the Future of Work organization, and the workshop format was so successful within SAP that we decided to also make it available to customers and partners. This effort contributes to our vision of hybrid work and lets teams successfully create their own next way of working.”

So far, SAP has implemented Flex Team Workshop worldwide this year, and more than 850 employees have been trained to lead the sessions. Its inclusion in the shortlists for the Constellation Supernova Awards 2022 and the German HR Excellence Awards 2022 is a testimony to the significance of a collaborative environment in the hybrid modern world.

Moreover, SAP is making a concerted effort to help its employees perform at their best, and this includes providing them with opportunities for input and discussion on their job and the conditions under which they perform them. In addition to this, the company is also offering its employees opportunities to receive training and development so they can continuously improve their skills.

By doing so, SAP hopes to create a workforce that is more engaged and motivated, which will in turn lead to better business outcomes. Among the most important aspects of the Flex Team Workshop for people working in SAP are:

  • Using the workshop as a resource for individual improvement during its 90-minute duration
  • Acknowledging and addressing the needs of both the company and individual team members
  • Coming to an agreement on the most important in-office and remote social connections
  • Determining the most effective hybrid approach to work

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