Krypt-Novigo Merger Offers Joint SAP Supply Chain Solutions


Krypt and Novigo recently merged in an effort to provide cutting-edge SAP supply chain solutions to address their joint clients’ supply chain and global trade issues.

According to a recent report released by SAP last month, senior corporate decision-makers in the United States are anticipating that the enormous supply chain challenges and interruptions that their organizations have been dealing with for years are far from done. The survey found that almost half of respondents (49%) believe current supply chain challenges will persist until the end of 2022, and more than half (52%) agree that their supply chain still requires significant improvement. Meanwhile, one-third of people think the problems will last through the end of summer 2023.

Noting that managing the supply chain is a “constant balancing act,” SAP Head of Customer Success and Member of the Executive Board Scott Russell explained:

“Managing the supply chain is a constant balancing act. Over the last couple of decades, the ‘just in time’ approach traded resiliency for efficiency and lower costs, which in turn made the supply chain fragile. The pandemic and the snowball effect of related disruptions exposed this fragility, which has organizations refocused on resiliency. Still, cost remains a factor, especially in the current economic environment.”

Russell believes that technology can support businesses in finding the right balance by facilitating increased real-time engagement between trading partners. By increasing transparency across geographically diverse operations, improving collaboration with trading partners, and providing insights into risks, the German enterprise software giant enables organizations to meet demand in a sustainable manner. Moreover, SAP Partners like Krypt and Novigo — two worldwide leaders in SAP Transportation Management and Global Trade — play an important role in this scenario.

Recently, Krypt and Novigo joined forces to establish ArchLynk, an industry leader in offering comprehensive SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions to clients across the world.  The merger’s financial backer is the Boston-based private equity company BV Investment Partners. ArchLynk is revolutionizing the global trade and supply chain consulting sectors by putting together the extensive knowledge and experience of Krypt and Novigo.

Novigo provides consultancy services for SAP’s Digital Supply Chain platforms including SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM), SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL), SAP Global Track and Trace (SAP GTT), SAP Event Management (SAP EM), and SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN). As an SAP Gold Partner in consulting services, Novigo has 10 locations throughout the globe in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and is the leading SAP service partner for Supply Chain Execution and Transportation Management implementation projects.

On the other hand, Krypt leads the SAP Global Trade and Supply Chain consultancy market worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose with offices in North America, Europe, and India, the firm has been working with SAP technologies for over a decade to provide complex solutions to its Fortune 1000 clientele.

Delivering SAP Global Trade and SAP Supply Chain Solutions and Services

Joerg Rohde, Chief Executive Officer at Novigo and now Chief Strategy Officer at ArchLynk, noted that the merger offers exceptional expansion opportunities for their mutual clients. He stated that with BV Investment Partners’ great growth support, the merger of Novigo and Krypt will propel them to a whole new level inside SAP’s service partner ecosystem. He added:

“Solving our customers’ nagging Supply Chain Problems with innovative Digital Supply Chain Solutions has never been more important than today. We are very enthusiastic about supporting our global customers here on the combined ArchLynk Platform, with a significantly extended end-to-end services and solutions portfolio at the best-in-class expert levels customers have come to expect from us. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as one team.”

Krypt’s current Chief Executive Officer, Jigish Shah, will be taking on the job of ArchLynk’s President and leading the company’s integration initiatives. Sekhar Puli, co-founder of REAN Cloud, a previous BV portfolio business that was sold to Hitachi Vantara, will also serve as Global CEO of ArchLynk. Puli will be responsible for guiding the firm into the future, with help from the top management teams at Krypt and Novigo.

Commenting on the latest industry development, Shah further shared:

“This merger is the next step in our roadmap to being the partner of choice for our customers when it comes to their end-to-end supply chain challenges. Novigo has always been one of our most respected partners and now with this joining of forces, we fully expect to add exponentially more value to our customers. BV has been an amazing catalyst for bringing the vision of ArchLynk to reality and we are all extremely excited about the future this enables.”

Supply chain disruptions, according to Puli, are led by innovations. He thinks that by coming together, Krypt and Novigo will be able to provide their combined clients the best Digital Supply Chain solutions possible. Puli believes the two companies are similar in many ways, including their commitment to excellent service and their willingness to innovate with new concepts.

“We are excited to lead these combined teams and continue to grow, innovate and meet the needs of the evolving Global Trade and Supply Chain industry,” Puli concluded.

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