SAP Build Propels the Next Era of Digital Business Transformation


SAP Build leverages the extensive capabilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to provide organizations with secure access to the data they need to accelerate innovation and make more informed business decisions.

The founding members of SAP spent the first 50 years of their company’s existence working side-by-side with the experts engaged with its client base to create innovative solutions for managing the individuals and processes that keep businesses running. Now, in keeping with that legacy, the new low-code solution SAP Build gives business experts greater control over the next era of digital business transformation.

From its predecessor, Build.me, introduced a few years ago, to its successor, SAP AppGyver, introduced in 2021, SAP Build represents the development of the German tech giant’s low-code portfolio. Formerly disparate technologies are now able to work together in a modernized and streamlined setting thanks to the new solution. SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Apps (essentially SAP AppGyver 2.0 with a slew of additional features), and SAP Build Work Zone make up the suite.

SAP’s Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Juergen Mueller, launched SAP Build and a variety of other breakthroughs in his keynote address at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. According to Mueller, the latest low-code solution integrates some of the world’s “most powerful” business software with a platform made to quickly unleash the expertise of business users. He further explained:

“In a volatile business landscape, SAP Build and the full suite of innovations we’re launching today — from our new partnership with Coursera to enhancements across our enterprise portfolio — help customers future-proof their business and extract maximum value from their technology investments.”

The message that Mueller conveyed was reiterated at two separate SAP Business Innovation Day events for market analysts and media, one hosted by Scott Russell, Head of Customer Success and Member of the Executive Board at SAP, and the other by Thomas Saueressig, Head of Product Engineering and Member of the Executive Board at SAP, both of which took place simultaneously in San Francisco and Berlin.

“We want to give tech-savvy business users the chance to extend our software, because even small extensions can have a big lever to scale innovation,” Saueressig shared.

SAP Build: New Low-Code Solution from SAP

According to IDC Software Development Research Vice President Arnal Dayaratna, IDC predicts that business professionals will get more involved in projects to create digital solutions to tackle important business challenges as the demand for such solutions grows beyond the capacity of professional developers to offer them. He added that over the next decade, IDC forecasts that more than 100 million business people throughout the world will participate in the creation of digital solutions.

“SAP Build’s low-code development solutions empower business users to harness their domain expertise to rapidly build and iterate on digital solutions at scale,” Dayaratna remarked.

SAP BTP and SAP business application data are made available to business users through SAP Build. Moreover, these are some of the other features that stand out:

  • Users may build apps without having to export data to a third-party service, as well as analyze and optimize processes.
  • Native integration with SAP Signavio solutions provides users with comprehensive insight across all processes, allowing them to choose where they focus their efforts to have the most impact through innovation and automation.
  • Users may quickly access the entire breadth of business expertise embedded in SAP technologies, which includes over 275,000 process reference points from 4,000 clients and 1,300 use-case specific methods and automation systems.
  • The solution  is compatible with both SAP and non-SAP programs. In addition, the new SAP Builders initiative provides users with access to hands-on workshops and peer-to-peer forums where they can network and share best practices.

Partnership with Coursera Announced at SAP TechEd

SAP is committed to helping business experts by providing them with SAP Build, but the company also acknowledges the growing need for the expertise and understanding that can only come from professional developers. At SAP TechEd this year, in addition to the new low-code solution, the German enterprise software giant revealed a number of learning initiatives designed to train both new IT specialists and upskill existing ones.

By tripling the number of free courses available on the SAP Learning site, assisting underserved communities in gaining access to technology, and collaborating with the online education provider Coursera Inc. to create a professional certificate program, SAP plans to help two million developers around the world become more employable by 2025.

Commenting on the newly announced partnership, Jeff Maggioncalda, Chief Executive Officer at Coursera Inc., stated:

“This certificate is designed for learners of all backgrounds, with no college degree or industry experience required. It will prepare learners for entry-level job roles and in some of the most in-demand fields. We’re honored to partner with SAP to increase access to job-related skills and to expand economic opportunity for everyone.”

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