New SAP Platform to Digitalize the Utility Industry in the Works


The recently announced collaboration between Basis Technologies and Tech Mahindra aims to support the energy and utility industry to accelerate digitalization and enhance billing accuracy by leveraging BDEx — an SAP platform that incorporates intelligent revenue management and billing software.

Basis Technologies’ goal is to provide businesses the agility to adapt to new environments and to enable them in realizing SAP’s full potential. As an SAP Partner, its SAP software for continuous delivery and regression testing automates critical processes, offering organizations the flexibility they need to respond to shifting priorities and market needs. Furthermore, it intends to help brands avoid risk and implement SAP change with security, speeding up their time-to-market and simplifying their journey to value creation.

Originally established in Melbourne but now has its headquarters in London, Basis Technologies was the first company to introduce the DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) approach in SAP. More and more SAP customers, such as Ericsson, Interpublic Group, and Columbia Sportswear, are turning to Basis Technologies’ automation technologies to assist them in transitioning from siloed SAP development to the more modern practice of incorporating SAP into organization-wide IT tools.

Last year, Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), a growth equity investor with a particular interest in technology firms, put $25 million into Basis Technologies. The objective of the strategic alliance is to capture a share of the approximately $1.5 billion annual enterprise market for DevOps for SAP throughout the world. SEP Partner Keith Davidson explained that as more and more organizations make the move to the cloud and SAP’s new offerings, Basis Technologies is positioned to reap the rewards of this trend toward widespread adoption of DevOps inside SAP systems.

Recently, Basis Technologies once again made news by announcing a partnership with multinational IT consulting company Tech Mahindra to speed up the rollout of smart utility solutions across the United States and Europe. According to the joint press release, utilities may gain a competitive edge and be better prepared to deal with the upcoming energy crisis if using the solutions that implement an analytics-powered intelligent meter-to-cash operation.

Furthermore, the partnership between Tech Mahindra and Basis Technologies will provide utility companies with a 360-degree single-view dashboard for analyzing crucial asset and field network data in real time, as well as consumer insights and behavior. In addition to enhancing the quality of service provided to customers, the collaboration also aims to reduce operational expenses.

Empowering Utility Business with an SAP Platform for Digitalization

The collaboration between the two tech companies will revolutionize the transaction processing activities of utility companies by combining Basis Technologies’ SAP platform solution with Tech Mahindra’s managed process delivery expertise. Through customer-focused services, dynamic task delegation, Business Process Exception Management (BPEM) closure control, and smart one office capabilities, the new cooperation is intended to optimize business processes and operations substantially. According to the SAP Partners, utility companies will be able to improve their back-office productivity and cut down on Meter-to-Cash (M2C) issues with the new digital capabilities, all at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Commenting on the new partnership with Tech Mahindra, Basis Technologies Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Lees stated:

“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Tech Mahindra and are looking forward to collaborating to bring value to utility companies using SAP. Together, we strive to provide true customer-centric services through timely, accurate, and cost-effective back-end processes.”

Meanwhile, Tech Mahindra Business Head of Business Process Services Birendra Sen shared that digitalization is the driving force in the power and utility sector, and that the industry is now characterized by producers and consumers who want a first-rate “anytime, anywhere” service experience packaged with user-friendly self-service and communication capabilities. He further addressed this issue by saying that in the utility industry, managing exceptions is still very important.

The alliance also highlights Tech Mahindra’s dedication to digital expansion as part of its NXT.NOW framework, which is centered on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide game-changing solutions, propel digital transformation forward, and adapt to the ever-changing demands of its client base.

“Our partnership with Basis Technologies will empower the utility customers with a smart, intelligent, and platform-led back office solution that is essential for successful digital transformation and to gain market share,” Sen remarked.

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