Onapsis, Wipro Partner to Protect Enterprises’ SAP Landscape


Through their recently announced partnership, Onapsis and Wipro Limited will be able to provide their respective client bases an equal amount of confidence and security regarding their businesses’ SAP landscape.

Companies that are beginning their digital transformation process are typically confronted with a complex SAP environment and an inadequate comprehension of how to protect these applications. Many organizations fail to recognize the importance of SAP security, often disregarding it and leaving their business applications exposed and unprotected. This negligence can have serious repercussions on their digital transformation initiatives, hindering progress and potentially leading to damaging data breaches.

Securing this type of landscape is essential, as it carries a range of sensitive data and operations. Therefore, businesses must invest in the resources necessary to gain an understanding of the security implications that come along with such systems, while also ensuring they have the capacity to monitor and manage them effectively. It is paramount for businesses to prioritize SAP security in order to ensure that their digital transformation efforts remain successful.

With an average success rate of more than 20 percent for every 1,500 attempted attacks on unsecured SAP systems, it is essential that organizations prioritize and reinforce the security of these critical systems. In recent years, malicious actors have been increasingly targeting vulnerable SAP instances, making it imperative to take steps to ensure that such sensitive data remains secure and protected. As a result, organizations need to focus their efforts on ensuring that all SAP systems are properly secured and monitored so as to minimize the chances of any successful attack or breach.

The new partnership between Onapsis and Wipro Limited is designed to give customers the peace of mind that their SAP landscape is secure throughout the digital transformation process. It provides them with a comprehensive solution for prioritizing patches and vulnerabilities once the project is finalized, ensuring that their journey towards modernization remains safe and secure. Moreover, this collaboration empowers organizations to gain visibility into their SAP systems and enables them to mitigate risks quickly and efficiently.

Commenting on the latest industry development, Onapsis’ Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Strategic Alliances Rocco Donnino shared:

“Enterprises are struggling to secure their SAP applications, often because they don’t know where or how to start. Wipro’s leading professional services integrated with Onapsis’ industry-first, business-critical application security solutions will enable us to extend our solutions to more customers worldwide and help them drive digital transformation at the speed of business growth.”

Securing SAP Landscape with Onapsis and Wipro

By combining Onapsis’ comprehensive suite of business-application security solutions and powerful threat intelligence with Wipro Limited’s professional services and worldwide presence, customers can gain the necessary knowledge to effectively identify and protect against any potential risks posed to their mission-critical applications. This strategic partnership enables customers to have access to a more complete solution that provides insights into both the security posture of their applications as well as actionable steps they can take to better secure them.

Moreover, Onapsis will be able to further broaden its reach by leveraging Wipro Limited’s significant global presence in multiple regions around the world, with a particular focus on Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific. With this collaboration, Onapsis can extend its footprint across these markets by tapping into an extensive network of customers and partners that already exist in each area. This partnership is sure to bring a wealth of opportunities for continued growth which can only benefit both companies immensely.

According to Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Global Head of Cybersecurity & Risk Services (CRS) at Wipro Limited, many businesses are in such a hurry to launch their digital transformation programs that they put SAP security on the back burner. And yet, he said that by doing so, they were slowing down their initiatives and making them less effective. Further expressing his thoughts about the partnership with Onapsis, Buffomante said:

“We’re thrilled to add Onapsis to our growing ecosystem of cybersecurity relationships and assist more companies that have put their digital transformation initiatives on pause due to a lack of SAP security.”

Meanwhile, Saugat Sindhu, Senior Partner and Global Head, Strategy & Risk Practice, CRS at Wipro Limited, noted that since Wipro Limited is an Onapsis customer and partner, the company’s most important business applications are safe from the ever-changing cyber threat environment.

“This collaboration will provide our mutual customers with an equal level of confidence and assurance,” Sindhu remarked.

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