How Customers Benefit from the SAP-AWS Cloud Alliance


The expanded SAP-AWS partnership will enable customers to leverage the agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of Amazon Web Services cloud services while running their SAP applications. 

SAP and AWS’ cloud alliance builds on the already fruitful relationship between the IT companies by providing customers with the combined technology, solutions, and adaptability they seek to thrive in the modern, data-driven economy. For over a decade, the two organizations have worked together strategically, serving the needs of thousands of clients. The foundation of the cooperation, which dates all the way back to 2008, is the provision of optimized and efficient solutions that allow customers to adapt across sectors.

Together, these two tech giants will promote innovation and enable clients to become sustainable, intelligent enterprises thanks to a recent technology-driven initiative and combined investment. In addition, SAP has already advanced its sustainability pledge to 2030 and signed Amazon’s Climate Pledge, both promising to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

As 2023 begins, the companies are determined to maximize the value of RISE with SAP on AWS for their customers. They endeavor to give them the opportunity to hasten their cloud adoption process and access an impressive array of innovative services as well as extensibility options. Through this initiative, they can ensure that their customers benefit from a comprehensive set of solutions that meet their individual needs.

Expanding the SAP-AWS Partnership

The two partners are progressing to a new milestone in their collaboration, which entails:

  • Utilizing a shared reference architecture to accommodate intricate customer needs and expectations allows both parties to meet their objectives more efficiently. Implementing this reference architecture provides a streamlined process for understanding customer requirements and allows for quicker resolution times on any issues that may arise. 
  • Leveraging events such as conferences SAP marquis and AWS events, to help companies reach a larger audience and create more targeted campaigns that can help drive further interest in their offerings. Such events provide invaluable resources for businesses who wish to broaden their horizons and increase the impact of their campaigns.
  • Unifying global sales operations framework that allows teams to collaborate and coordinate with systems integrator partners. This common platform facilitates the exchange of information, ideas, and resources between the teams and their respective partners in order to optimize efficiency across all transactions.
  • Deploying talented and hardworking teams of professionals across the globe who are committed to concentrating their efforts on the SAP/AWS go-to-market strategy. With an unwavering commitment to achieving this goal, these individuals focus intently on building the necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure a strong presence in the market.

According to Elena Ordóñez del Campo, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Strategic Partner Officer at SAP, helping SAP’s clients reap the benefits of digital transformation in the cloud through RISE with SAP has made AWS and other infrastructure providers increasingly crucial to the company’s bottom line.

“Building on our partnership of 15 years, we move into the new year with aligned go-to-market teams in every region, an industry-leading portfolio of solutions enabled by our joint reference architecture, and a growing selection of co-innovations — all ready to help accelerate value for our customers. We look forward to an incredible 2023 together and beyond.”

Customers Utilizing the Tech Giants’ Cloud Solutions

Combining SAP ERP know-how with AWS infrastructure services, RISE with SAP on AWS is helping Tevva, a producer of hydrogen-electric and battery-electric vehicles, speed up the rollout of zero-emission trucking across the United Kingdom. SAP and AWS are committed to assisting organizations like Tevva in adopting the best practices and scalability necessary to deliver on sustainability targets as part of their dedication to helping businesses function as intelligent and sustainable enterprises.

The use of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which is available worldwide on AWS, is another illustration of the SAP-AWS partnership’s strength. Companies have created a shared reference architecture to promote broader use case scenarios and highlight the benefits of federated SAP and AWS services. For organizations looking to accomplish digital transformation with SAP and AWS, the combined reference architecture will further serve as a roadmap for doing so.

Noting that the multiyear partnership will allow for more effective marketing and co-selling activities to promote the SAP-AWS complementary technologies, AWS Worldwide Strategic Alliances Director Kathleen Curry shared:

“SAP frequently leans in with AWS to deliver to customers a unified experience as they innovate and evolve their businesses in the ever-dynamic economic environment.  This collaboration is an important milestone in our partnership and helps customers modernize faster with accelerated time to value, price-performance, reliability, and sustainability.”

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