SAP Data and Analytics Solutions Recognized by TrustRadius


The German tech giant has been honored with an array of ‘Best Of’ awards for its SAP data and analytics solutions in the Winter 2023 season, as recognized by TrustRadius — a prominent, independent review platform that specializes in evaluating business-to-business (B2B) software.

Last June 2022, user reviews were a major factor in TrustRadius awarding Top-Rated distinctions to the enterprise software giant for its SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, SAP Master Data Governance, and SAP Integration Suite offerings. The prominent peer review site for technology buyers awarded SAP the Top Rated designation in the areas of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Master Data Management, and Data Fabric.

As a platform that provides reviews from real users across many different industries, the Winter 2023 Best Of awards recognize products that have achieved excellent customer satisfaction due to their features, cost-efficiency, and customer service. This particular accolade identifies the best-performing solutions based on trustable, verified user feedback.

This year, SAP has been acknowledged by TrustRadius for its exemplary data and analytics solutions, which are designed to maximize the value within all types of data so that customers can make the most informed decisions. The recent recognition serves as a validation of SAP’s mission to give meaning and purpose to data, integrate business processes, and drive innovation forward.

According to SAP Senior Vice President of Solution Management and Product Marketing for SAP Data and Analytics Daniel Yu, the foundation of business decisions is based on data and analytics. Using a cutting-edge, open cloud architecture, he said that SAP data and analytics solutions consolidate data warehousing, management, and integration to provide reliable insights. Yu added that these tools allow users to keep a holistic view of their SAP data and to integrate SAP into their existing business processes easily.

Commenting on the latest awards given by TrustRadius, Yu shared:

“To us, this recognition from TrustRadius represents the voice of our customers. We’re proud that our products have inspired such gracious feedback in the user community, and we thank our passionate data and analytics customers for their support.”

SAP Data and Analytics Tools Earn TrustRadius Recognition

SAP HANA Cloud has earned recognition for its impressive feature set, excellent value for the price, and noteworthy relationship in the Relational Databases category, with awards given to it in each of these areas. This cloud-based solution has been commended by many experts in the industry as being an exceptional platform that delivers outstanding performance and user experience. Furthermore, its reasonable pricing structure makes SAP HANA Cloud a great option for customers looking to make the most out of their database investments.

“Reviewers on TrustRadius appreciate SAP HANA Cloud’s low administrative overhead, speedy data processing, and ease of use for new users,” explained TrustRadius Vice President of Research Megan Headley.

Meanwhile, three different TrustRadius awards were given to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, for “Best Feature Set,” “Best Value for Money,” and “Best Relationship” in the Cloud Data Warehouse category. When it comes to corporate analytics and planning, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a step above typical data warehouses thanks to its multi-cloud, multi-source business semantic service. Service-based software like this solution facilitates in-the-moment analysis of company data and the creation of informed decisions.

Reviewers on TrustRadius who have used SAP Master Data Governance have praised the solution for improving data integrity and providing thorough auditing features. SAP Master Data Governance is an application that helps consolidate and centrally manage master data through the use of an SAP Business Technology Platform–based master data management layer.

Lastly, “Best Feature Set”, “Best Value for Price”, and “Best Relationship” in the Data Fabric category are just some of the TrustRadius distinctions that SAP Data Intelligence Cloud has received. The SAP Data Intelligence Cloud solution provides an end-to-end data management service for data fabric deployments. A key component of the SAP Business Transformation Platform (SAP BTP), the data orchestration layer is responsible for transforming disparate data silos into actionable data insights that fuel enterprise innovation and expansion.

“Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight SAP Data Intelligence’s self-service data catalog, data lineage tools, and data integration capabilities,” Headley said.

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