SAP Digital Vehicle Hub Integrates with Otonomo Data Platform


The SAP Digital Vehicle Hub solution was developed to assist businesses in centralizing their vehicle data in a single location, where they can then use that data to create innovative business models.

The automotive industry is a particularly good example of how data can be used to establish new business models and understand customers and market segments. The right use of quality data in  real-time can help organizations in this industry to do core business processes like develop new marketing strategies, improve customer service, and even create new products.

Last year, an integration between SAP E-Mobility and Heidelberg Wallbox was announced to expedite the development of future-proof intelligent charging solutions. Together, SAP’s solution and Heidelberg’s smart charging technology aim to pave the way for the growth of new business models in the rapidly evolving industry.

Acknowledging that the automotive industry is ripe for digital transformation, the German enterprise software giant also has a solution called SAP Digital Vehicle Hub that helps facilitate data optimization across the entire value chain. It is an SAP Industry Cloud application that intends to provide a one-stop shop for all automotive data, from vehicle telemetry and maintenance records to warranty information and customer feedback. In addition to providing valuable insights for automakers, the platform also offers a range of features for other ecosystem players such as dealerships, fleet operators, and insurers.

Earlier this year, Lingling Yang-Jeub, Senior Product Specialist at SAP, discussed in an article some delivered features and potential use cases of the solution. She noted that many of SAP Digital Vehicle Hub’s commercial value-added capabilities have been extended from the original release all the way to February 2022.

Yang-Jeub explained that SAP has been on a journey to get a more in-depth understanding of the requirements that its customers need, adding that the company is dedicated to doing all in its power to better accommodate a broad range of customers’ needs. She further added:

“As a result, SAP Digital Vehicle Hub has also been delivering more features to customers. As more features are added, it as well has more opportunities to work with more partners, expand the network and continue to look for more potential use cases.”

Enabling Collaborative Business Models with SAP Digital Vehicle Hub

Meanwhile, recent integration between SAP Digital Vehicle Hub and Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform will help businesses generate new insights for fleet maintenance and management utilizing data from connected vehicles, develop future mobility business models, and open up new avenues for value creation and revenue raising. Otonomo, which is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, offers its business partners access to a diverse set of data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to interconnected vehicles, mobile phones, public transportation, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), all via a single contract and  application programming interface (API).

Based on SAP Business Network for Asset Management with additional features tailored to the automotive sector, SAP Digital Vehicle Hub serves as a centralized cloud-based repository for master, transactional, and use data pertaining to vehicles. It offers a complete picture of the vehicle’s lifespan data and aids in the development of digital twins of cars or their parts.

On the other hand, Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform assists in providing standardized, embedded vehicle data from a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a clean format. The data from connected vehicles can be used even more effectively thanks to the integration with SAP Digital Vehicle Hub. According to the companies, the solutions  will link car data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, providing new insights to generate extra value and income streams, all by integrating embedded vehicle data inside the SAP ecosystem.

Commenting on the latest collaboration, Ben Volkow, CEO and Co-Founder at Otonomo, said in a statement:

“Our partnership with SAP helps Otonomo to expand into more enterprise accounts while creating new possibilities for how fleet customers can ingest data into SAP Digital Vehicle Hub to streamline vehicle management and fleet operations. The synergies between our two platforms will translate into opportunities for better business outcomes for customers, allowing them to more easily turn mobility insights into business value.”

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