SAP Innovation Center Network Collaborates with TUMO Labs


The SAP Innovation Center Network is an initiative that centers on the exploration of different innovative technologies through use cases. As SAP strives to provide customers with the smart solutions they need, it understands that innovation is an ongoing process that requires not only curiosity and determination but also inventive ideas and dynamic thinking.

TUMO Labs is the educational arm of TUMO Convergence Center, an applied science and engineering hub in downtown Yerevan, Armenia. TUMO Labs provides a tuition-free learning environment that connects international higher education with local industry thanks to its vast network of strategic partners.

Additionally, the TUMO Labs education program is designed for students to learn about the latest technology trends and change in the scientific fields. The program also uses a just-in-time methodology, which is where the projects and guided self-learning content are constantly updated to correspond with changes in various industries.

Recently, German enterprise software giant SAP and TUMO Labs held a four-month program where they supported students in understanding, utilizing, and shaping digital technologies. The program is part of the partnership between SAP and the Armenian educational initiative to provide opportunities for those interested in developing skills in the field of digital technology.

In partnership with TUMO Labs, the SAP Innovation Center Network provided 22 innovation challenges that were associated with four different projects: Future of Self-Service, Augmented Extended Planning and Analysis, Augmented Access Control, and Future of Asynchronous Work. These challenges spanned a variety of emerging technologies and concepts that ranged from augmented reality to artificial intelligence to robotics.

Thrilled to be working closely with the SAP Innovation Center Network, TUMO Labs Head Bahareh Fatemi shared in a statement:

“Having these sorts of collaborations internationally for us is very important because it will allow us to understand where we can improve and where we can push our students to adapt and get more skills.”

Exploring New Technologies with the SAP Innovation Center Network

In the blog post co-written by Lukasz Ostrowski, Development Manager for SAP Innovation Center Network, and Igor Belousov, Global Content Delivery Director and Country Manager of Italy, Turkey, and CIS for SAP University Alliances, it was stated that SAP is already exploring plans to work on innovation challenges with the SAP Innovation Network in the near future and provide more opportunities for students to get involved in this initiative.

Over the course of the four-month program, professionals from the SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN) monitored the progress of all challenges and were in constant communication with the participants to offer help or advice if necessary. After completing their projects, the students gave demonstrations of their work at a presentation day in April. The event was attended by SAP and TUMO employees, as well as an ACBA Bank representative and other SAP partners.

In work that went beyond the challenge, students at TUMO Labs had the chance to further develop their soft skills as well as benefiting from SAP University Alliances’ support. As such, all of the students were given access to SAP’s learning resources.

The SAP University Alliances program has created a variety of initiatives over the years in order to assist universities in providing their students with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for future careers. Projects like the SAP Learning Hub offer campus-wide training for students, as well as access to a robust library of educational content that is curated by the German tech giant.

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