SAP-PwC Partnership Accelerates Innovation in West Africa


Furthering their position as industry leaders in the tech sector, the SAP-PwC partnership in West Africa has recently been strengthened in a bid to accelerate digitalization in organizations across the region.

Recently, the World Bank highlighted the importance that digitalization plays in reducing poverty and improving economic stability in West Africa, noting that it is “one of the most transformational opportunities” of today’s modern world. In an interview with Ousmane Diagana, Regional Vice President for Western and Central Africa for the World Bank Group, he said that based on projections from a recent analysis by IFC and Google, the internet economy in Africa might grow to be worth about $180 billion by 2025, contributing 5.2% of Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP).

In this view, businesses in the region are anticipated to benefit significantly by utilizing cloud services. The total cost of ownership of IT resources can be reduced, deployment cycles can be shortened, manual tasks can be automated to increase productivity, new technologies can be adopted more rapidly, and opportunities can be created for businesses to standardize their procedures using best practices from other sectors.

SAP Regional Sales Director for West Africa Titilayo Adewumi shared that businesses throughout the region are moving to the cloud so they can increase their scalability, enhance their data and analytics capabilities, propel innovation, and strengthen their resilience. He also mentioned that SAP’s tight relationship with skilled partners that consistently find new methods to innovate is a major factor in the company’s success in assisting the region’s digital transformation initiatives.

According to Adewumi, the collaboration with global consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a crucial component in the region’s successful digital transformation. He claims that businesses in the region have benefited from PwC’s services because of the company’s innovative use of technology to solve problems and its keen understanding of how businesses operate, which has allowed them to develop strategies and infrastructures that are well-suited to the challenges of today’s digital economy.

“From enabling remote work and driving adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain insight into key business areas to meeting the demand for improved user experiences, SAP’s partnership with PwC is delivering game-changing benefits to innovative companies throughout the region,” Adewumi detailed.

PwC has been working with SAP for many years, deploying its solutions and co-innovating new ways to use technology to address critical business issues. SAP’s technological innovation combined with the company’s extensive industry expertise and business-led perspective creates a unique value equation that helps organizations expedite growth and capture value through user-centric transformation.

According to PwC Nigeria Director of Technology Advisory and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Abimbola Taiwo the company’s cooperation with SAP has enabled them to provide unprecedented value to their clientele. He said that the SAP-PwC cooperation assists West African organizations in preparing for the future of work leveraging cloud technology, allowing for a safe remote and hybrid workforce. He further added:

“Innovation and collaboration are further driven through the replacement of disparate IT systems with one consolidated system that serves as a single source of truth, offering real-time visibility over key business functions.”

Digitalizing African Business Through SAP-PwC Collaboration

West African enterprises, which have been struggling for years due to a lack of historical investment in technology, can now utilize and harness the cloud to quickly advance their technology adoption and accelerate their development and success. Recently, PwC’s New Equation worldwide strategy was unveiled, and it is centered on two intertwined organizational needs: establishing credibility in a wide variety of stakeholder-relevant domains and achieving long-term success in a world where change is more likely than ever.

According to Taiwo, PwC’s mission includes addressing pressing social issues by providing essential services that boost the prosperity of businesses and economies worldwide. He went on to say that cloud computing provides a “digital platform” that facilitates rapid, scalable innovation and the timely delivery of accurate insights that aid in the formulation of better business decisions.

“For example, a leading conglomerate in Nigeria is currently implementing SAP SuccessFactors to enhance its human capital management capabilities, while a large mining company in Ghana is leveraging RISE with SAP to fast-track their deployment of the market-leading SAP S/4HANA platform,” Taiwo shared.

Meanwhile, SAP’s Adewumi also commented on the two tech industry leaders’ partnership, noting that:

“SAP is a partner-led organization that works closely with the innovators, experts, and market leaders to ensure African enterprises have the technology, business insight and support they need to bring their intelligent enterprise ambitions to life. We look forward to deepening our partnership with PwC and being central role-players in the continued digitalization of organizations across the West African region.”

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