SAP unveils SAP Learning Hub, partner edition


SAP has unveiled SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, a new solution to further strengthen its ongoing commitment to equipping SAP PartnerEdge program partners with the relevant tools needed to drive value and success for customers.

In a recent interview, SAP Chief Learning Officer Maxwell Wessel has announced the partner edition as SAP’s “all-new, one-stop-shop” that provides an opportunity for partners to validate their relevant skills in order to make themselves stand out in the marketplace.

Designed specifically to support members of the SAP PartnerEdge program, the partner edition is the first comprehensive SAP Learning Hub solution to combine all product learning resources. This includes access to partner-specific enablement content, certification opportunities, and training systems to help partners keep their certifications up-to-date and stay on top of SAP’s latest technological advances.

Detailing more about how the new offering was designed to meet the needs of today’s partners in SAP PartnerEdge, Wessel explained:

“We designed this offering by listening to our partners and our customers. We heard that partners wanted a streamlined way to both train their people and help spur innovation for their customers. With one flat per-learner price, we have lowered the barriers to access, making the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub available for all SAP PartnerEdge members, regardless of size. Now, their subject matter experts can obtain and maintain the skills that their business requires across SAP solution areas.”

New SAP Learning Hub Features Tailored Exclusively for Partners

With many SAP experts and partners still integrating a remote working set-up amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, the new partner edition allows users to access all initial learning content and features at their convenience and update their relevant skills and knowledge continually.

Modified for SAP PartnerEdge partners, who run almost 90{8bf2b29f36318f0ac46ab1cc03d7035abce669a1cea16c9ed62389a818fa22fd} of all SAP implementations, the exclusive edition is based on the existing partner engagement framework that combines the following in an affordable, single-priced package:

  • Product learning tools to develop SAP skills for solutions across the SAP portfolio, including leading SAP services such as SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP S/4HANA
  • Hands-on approach to live SAP software training courses
  • Access to enablement resources for SAP PartnerEdge members
  • Opportunities to obtain SAP Global Certification digital badges and stay current with SAP’s latest software releases and innovation
  • Expert-led and peer-to peer learning conditions

Opportunities for PartnerEdge Partners to Deliver Customer Growth and Success

As cloud innovations and new solutions regularly emerge amid the fast-paced era of digital transformation, partner edition aims to enable its members with proficiency in the current skills and certifications that match with their business needs and specific industry.

By encouraging continuous customer engagement and effectively distinguishing partners among other competitors, the new partner edition enhances the ability of its SAP PartnerEdge program members to deliver value to customers, leverage the opportunities available to them, and market their expertise accordingly.

Moreover, SAP Chief Partner Officer Karl Fahrbach emphasised the need to have partner-specific and continuous learning content for SAP partners. He said:

“By providing tailored, continuous learning opportunities through SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, our aim is to build on the existing partner engagement framework and maintain the best in class partner ecosystem that continually empowers successful customer outcomes.”

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