SAP Warehouse Management App Launched by Acclimation


Acclimation, an Australian SAP Software and Services Gold Partner, has unveiled a new SAP Warehouse Management Application that aims to help logistic providers and warehouse employees monitor their distribution processes efficiently.

Designed by the Acclimation Mobile Logistics team, the SAP Warehouse Management App follows a device-agnostic approach to warehouse management without conflicting with other workers, particularly forklift operators.

By extending SAP capabilities across the warehouse, the application provides real-time information on inventory management all day long. Warehouse managers can grant third-party logistic firms access to direct SAP data as they update stock movements through the app. The app can also function over 3G and 4G mobile networks or local wifi networks.

Acclimation Product Manager Stephen Hall said that it is necessary to provide better support for its client base to meet their changing needs. Hall further explained that:

 “Acclimation received a number of requests for spot solutions to extend SAP deployments into the warehouse space and found there was an opportunity to develop the product further for broader deployments that would benefit partners and end customers.”

According to the SAP consulting and solutions provider, users can also utilise the Warehouse Management App in seasonal or temporary warehouses by as simple as switching it on, connecting to the local network, and starting operations as needed.

By maintaining the accuracy of stock transactions, the app plays a crucial role in optimising warehouse processes. Additionally, the app operates in conjunction with existing radio frequency (RF) infrastructure to allow a seamless transition from ageing RF systems to a modern user interface gradually, if required. 

Optimising Warehouse Processes Through the SAP Warehouse Management App 

Known as the leading SAP Business ByDesign Partner in the ANZ region, Acclimation is an accomplished consulting company working exclusively with SAP and related technology.

The team at Acclimation Mobile Logistics has developed the Warehouse Management App to fit clients’ current SAP operations by integrating key systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), and SAP ByDesign.

The app aims to upgrade inventory management by providing better insights into multiple touch redundancies, utilisation of space, time, and resources, stock visibility, and inventory location.

Expounding on the group’s goal to provide the perfect solution to meet clients’ warehouse needs, Acclimation Practice Manager Jason Coates stated that: 

“With the Warehouse Management App, the Acclimation Mobile Logistics team has drawn on its background and deep experience in the warehouse functions of SAP to develop a well-integrated, well-designed and well-built application to bring more value to customers.”

Coates added that:

“Acclimation has created a highly intuitive user interface in the Warehouse Management App. The Acclimation team looks forward to continuing to innovate and evolve this product to help support customers and build their business resilience now and in the future.”

Other benefits of the app include empowering employees with more transparency to improve stock enquiries, offering insights into key performance indicators for tracking workers’ performance, and providing full logging of all transactions for a complete audit trail.

Moreover, the Warehouse Management App also leverages SAP-UI 5 user experience, delivering a familiar look and feel to SAP Fiori.

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