Streamline Test Data Management and Drive Efficiencies in SAP Processes


The success of new or modernized software depends on the processes followed by development teams to ensure successful, bug-free deployment in a live environment. Factoring Test Data Management early on in the dev cycle takes the heat off the QA team at the final stage. It also improves developer productivity, ensures security of production data, lowers costs, and shortens time-to-market.

Drive Efficiency and Provide Value in your SAP DevOps Journey

Users struggle with timelines due to the time spent in copying full production databases, executing a system refresh and validating data within the SAP landscape. A growing production database may also lead to further technical difficulties, which are exacerbated if the team has to deal with insufficient and poor quality data. This leads to lengthy development cycles and unsatisfactory results in the live environment. Organizations need high-quality data that is current and relevant when creating test environments on SAP. Conventional tools often replicate too much test data as well, costing IT valuable time and infrastructure resources. Qlik Gold Client improves the quality of data of non-production SAP environments by matching it to the actual production data. You can copy good quality data into the system and over time help restore the development life cycle. It will also reduce the associated risks that can occur when an excessive number of transports are released while following the traditional data copy process. This speeds up the testing process and lowers the outflow on infrastructure resources. The end result is a streamlined testing cycle with higher developer productivity and a firm check on the storage footprint of non-production data.

Benefits of Qlik Gold Client for Agile Data Management

  • Qlik Gold Client lets users copy both master and/or transactional data from one SAP client into another in a highly selective manner.
  • Data copies do not require any downtime
  • Additional hardware is not required
  • Entirely within own SAP namespace
  • Export once, import many
  • Assign roles—like admin, developer, testing, security—to let users access very specific functions

Work with Production or Non-production Data in Various Situations

Qlik Gold Client is used for various scenarios including production support, shorten test cycles, reduce infrastructure costs, mask confidential information when it leaves production, work with S4/HANA POC and enable SAP teams to move data faster in DevOps, divestiture and transformations to adhere to GDPR security regulations. In each scenario, Qlik Gold Client lets developers:

  • Quickly select and copy relevant production or non-production data for testing purposes.
  • Copy production data related to a support issue into a lower-level system which would allow users to troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis.
  • Copy real data for training purposes rather than create the training data sets manually.
  • Protect sensitive data—such as personally identifiable information (PII), tax IDs, bank account numbers, etc—by masking so that it is not at-risk in lower-level systems.

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