Trigo Partners with SAP in Retail Digital Transformation


The innovation partnership between Trigo and SAP in retail digital transformation is anticipated to be a huge step forward for the fast-paced industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV) start-up Trigo aims to reshape the retail experience through the use of cutting-edge retail automation technology. The firm collaborates with retailers to transform their current stores while keeping their distinctiveness and utilising their reach to securely launch new services. In addition, its EasyOut technology can be integrated into existing retail mobile apps to help deliver an immersive brand experience to shoppers.

Recently, the Israeli-based tech company has unveiled a partnership with SAP to expedite the digitisation of retail stores. The integration of Trigo with SAP Retail solutions intends to increase the efficiency of store processes while also allowing for more effective use of store data acquired for the purpose of assortment, replenishment, and distribution. 

During the National Retail Federation NRF 2022’s Retail Big Show, SAP has highlighted the future of retail, showcased its solution features, and discussed how its customers and partners are turning goals aimed at fuelling retail innovation, growth, and sustainability into reality. In a session titled “Experience is everything — redefining the future of retail”, Joern Keller, Executive Vice President and Head of S/4HANA Consumer Industries and Quote to Cash at SAP, announced:

“I’m really happy to share that SAP and Trigo will be working on an out-of-the-box integration between Trigo’s EasyOut system and SAP S/4HANA solution, but also all Industry Cloud applications for Retail. This would be the first step to offer Trigo in the context of SAP’s Industry Cloud and Intelligent Store initiative by making implementation for existing SAP customers very easy.”

According to Keller, SAP and Trigo are planning to jointly build a store-level perpetual inventory system that will feed into the former’s Industry Cloud multi-channel merchandise availability system. He added that they are currently looking at options into how Trigo can be leveraged in SAP’s Promotion Management applications for proximity marketing as part of the Intelligent Store offerings.

Collaborating with SAP to Digitise the Retail Experience

Moreover, the value of the two companies’ collaboration is not only geared towards the end customer business, but also in logistics optimisation. Sharing his thoughts on the new industry development, Trigo CEO and Co-Founder Michael Gabay said:

“Integrating SAP systems with our in-store automation and data capabilities will bring a new world of unique value to our clients. This partnership will further enable the transformation of seamless checkout and in-store operations and provide a best in class customer experience.”

SAP not only helps retailers in their digital transformation but also enables them in taking part in the circular economy. This is through sustainability software solutions like SAP Responsible Design and Production for designing products in a sustainable manner and Feather by SAP for incorporating a holistic re-commerce strategy into their businesses.

Furthermore, the SAP Intelligent Returns Management solution was also made available to streamline the returns process for businesses in the retail sector. The technology employs AI to take products from customers to the final disposition stages, thereby maximising the company margins and customer experience (CX) while also reducing material waste. On the other hand, a new feature of the recently upgraded SAP Assortment Planning application is the ability to perform comprehensive category management.

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