DyFlex Solutions, LTI Alliance Utilises SAP for Construction


Business solutions provider DyFlex Solutions and global consultancy Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) have recently announced a new strategic partnership, utilising SAP for Construction to deliver rapid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations to the engineering and construction industry.

With enhanced and tailored ERP solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively, SAP for Construction enables companies in the Engineering, Construction, and Operations (EC&O) industry to manage all areas of their operations efficiently.

As EC&O companies continue to face difficulties in handling complex and industry-specific business processes, the alliance also aims to relieve some pressure off the sector by streamlining operations with improved ERP deployments across projects.

Award-winning SAP Gold Partner DyFlex Solutions is a business solutions provider specialising in intelligent ERP solutions. Meanwhile, LTI is an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner working closely with the software giant in aspects of product development and innovation.

The strategic partnership between the two companies will offer a full suite business solution to companies of all sizes, making operations more efficient with the ERPs they will deploy.

In a press release statement, DyFlex Solutions Managing Director Peter Lander expounded on the subject of industry challenges in today’s business climate. He said:

“Today’s EC&O market is competitive, and businesses need enterprise-wide solutions that not only optimise operations but also provide rapid visibility and transparency of all aspects of their project portfolio. Tighter margins and cash flow pressures, combined with project risk and skilled labour shortages, require accurate levels of planning and forecasting like we’ve never seen before.”

Highlighting the partnership’s importance to the EC&O industry, Lander further said:

“LTI’s technology combined with DyFlex Solutions’ many years of experience working with organisations focused on projects and assets is a perfect combination that presents great value to the EC&O sector.”

Utilising SAP for Construction in Australian EC&O Sector

With Perth-based DyFlex Solutions’ successful history of implementing and deploying SAP ERP, among those that will greatly benefit from the full suite business solution is the engineering and construction industry in Australia.

Moreover, the collaboration between DyFlex Solutions and LTI’s team of international construction software experts will provide Australian construction firms with a single enterprise platform to manage complex and industry-specific processes such as project costs, schedule, and performance.

LTI Chief Business Officer for Emerging Markets Deepak Khosla expressed his excitement for the deal. Additionally, Khosla said that LTI and DyFlex Solutions will support the digital transformation journey of their EC&O clients with programs specifically designed to cater to their needs.

“DyFlex has consistently delivered high-quality outcomes, and we see them as the perfect partner in Australia. LTI derives deep expertise in the EC&O sector from its long-standing history and relationship with the L&T Group,” Khosla affirmed.

Supported by world class business intelligence and reporting, the end-to-end solution improves the entire business operations by providing transparency of project cost and performance, HR and Contractor Management capability, and streamlining processes from bidding to complete execution.

Khosla concluded:

“DyFlex and LTI will together solve complex industry challenges by combining industry expertise and digital capabilities with a strong SAP partnership.” 

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