Engagement next frontier for technology

By Freya Purnell

There is a shift from technology simply being focused on managing transactions to facilitating engagement, according to Constellation Research CEO and analyst Ray Wang.

Wang presented the closing keynote on the first day of the SAUG Summit 2012 + SAP Forum Australia.
There are five consumer trends driving this shift – mobile, social, cloud, infographics and big data, video and unified communications.

“Things are happening in real-time, people are taking advantage of social, mobile and unstructured data. We’re moving to a person-to-person world in which context is important,” Wang said.

However the shift from transaction to engagement does note mean enterprises should abandon their transactionally-based systems, but engagement platforms needs to be layers on top.

“It’s what we do with this transactional layer that will help us to get to this engagement platform,” Wang said.

While there is plenty of innovation happening outside the SAP world in terms of point solutions and best-of-breed suites seeking to provide engagement platforms, Wang also pointed to areas within SAP that are addressing this emerging need, such as Jam, which creates a social layer in SuccessFactors, and consumer apps built using design thinking that are coming out of the SAP AppHaus.

“They are working at a level that is completely focused around engagement,” said Wang.

He pointed to examples such as the Recalls Plus or MyRunway app as creating a two-way pattern of information to consumers and back again that becomes valuable and tradeable – another shift which has significant implications for business models.

“If you think SAP is going to be a software company in five years, you’re wrong – they’re going to be an information broker selling information back to you,” Wang said.

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