New Qualtrics Experience Management Platform Tools Released


With the release of new Qualtrics experience management (XM) platform tools, businesses now have greater leeway to learn all they can about their customers’ demands and requirements — taking immediate, automated action to provide customized experiences for them.

Qualtrics is one of the leading providers in the experience management category, and its innovations have helped organizations around the world to build better cultures and transform the customer experience. This month, the SAP-owned company is launching new innovations in the XM Platform, which will provide organizations with actionable insights to improve customer engagement and deliver personalized experiences.

By collecting data from all 10 billion XiD profiles, Qualtrics’ cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology provides businesses with in-depth insights to aid in making the best decisions for their customers. Companies may evaluate their progress relative to the market standard by using the library of benchmark measures that can be developed using the information recorded inside XiD, including customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS).

The latest launch of Qualtrics XM Platform tools includes the introduction of an enhanced Experience ID (XiD) dashboard, a powerful new tool that gathers crucial data for the identity of each individual, with his or her preferences and preferences across all of their interactions with an organization. XiD leverages Clarabridge’s conversational analytics expertise and Usermind’s journey orchestration capabilities, both of which are significant acquisitions by Qualtrics. By combining XiD’s data with operational and experience data, stakeholders can provide personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

With the Qualtrics XM Platform, businesses and brands can turn their experiences into brand-building opportunities. The platform helps companies understand the needs of their customers and employees, and provides fast, actionable insights to drive innovation and growth. Commenting on the latest launch of Qualtrics XM capabilities, Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering at Qualtrics, shared in a statement:

“In a tightening economy, companies are looking for efficient, at-a-glance insights that can provide unique perspectives at scale so they can get to know their customers on a deeper level and automatically deliver tailored experiences. The breadth of data captured within XiD paired with its AI capabilities ensure incredible scale, empowering companies to connect the dots across each touchpoint of a user’s journey to uncover the insights needed to take quick and targeted action.”

Expanding Qualtrics Experience Management Capabilities

Today, the Qualtrics XM Platform is the largest human sentiment database in the world, and the company continues to expand its capabilities. The solution is transforming how organizations can build brand loyalty, improve their customer and employee experiences, and engage with their audiences in ways that make a real difference.

In an article published by Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Medical Officer at Qualtrics, Staff Neurologist, and Former Chief Experience Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, it was emphasized that by investing in experience management and listening tools, businesses can monitor all available channels, assess employee sentiment and identify areas for improvement. She further added that experience data can be combined with operational and financial performance, important drivers of loyalty and trust can be identified, pain areas can be proactively addressed, and gratitude can be used at scale using technology.

“Investing in technology to promote well-being may sound strange, but our workforce is in crisis. Effective technology aims to help complete a task, scale relationships, make lives easier (create joy), and provide meaningful insights and results,” Boissy explained.

In response, Qualtrics is strengthening the relationship between its XiD and its workflow automation engine. Organizations can now automate tailored interaction and outreach with the aid of new XiD-powered processes, reducing manual labor and improving efficiency. Moreover, workflows can be triggered in response to changes in client contact information, transaction data, or customer segment membership, giving businesses the flexibility to act swiftly and effectively at scale.

In addition to XM’s core products, the platform is designed to help companies leverage their data through 130 out-of-the-box integrations. It also allows any organization to automatically take action on experience data through xFlow, which is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows anyone to create and deploy a process in seconds.

According to Qualtrics, the ability to automatically trigger activities across the customer journey allows businesses to save money by cutting out manual procedures and increasing efficiency while also finding new ways to provide customers with individualized service.

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