Partners Recognised for Outstanding SAP Software Solutions Use


The SAP Pinnacle Awards recognises top-performing partners that have exemplified innovation and driven customer success by leveraging SAP software solutions.

German software company SAP has announced the winners and finalists of the 2022 SAP Pinnacle Awards, dubbed as the firm’s most inclusive yet. Underpinned by their focus on championing customer value creation, delivering remarkable growth, and simplification, the SAP partners recognised have utilised the latest SAP technology innovations to help its customers become best-run businesses. 

This year, the annual partner awards had re-examined its selection criteria for winners–ensuring categories were highly customer-centric– and enhanced the communication plan to allow both winners and finalists to maximise their exposure. In addition, the new ‘Social Impact’ award was introduced, showcasing partners’ efforts in creating a lasting, positive social impact by harnessing the power of technology innovation.

SAP Partners Leveraging SAP Software Solutions for Customer Success

Customer Success Categories

Accenture: Winner of two sub-categories Demand Generation and Deliver Excellence

Accenture bagged the Demand Generation category against Deloitte and NTT Data Business Solutions for successfully implementing customer-centric value proposition and innovative campaigns that resulted in generating customer awareness and higher demand for SAP software solutions.

Winning the Deliver Excellence category against Deloitte and NTT Data Business Solutions, Accenture delivered successful deployments of SAP cloud solutions, which allowed the customer to maximise their SAP investment.

Deloitte: Winner of two sub-categories Cloud Business Transformation – Sales Excellence and Sales Excellence – Large Enterprise 

Deloitte won the Cloud Business Transformation category against Accenture and IBM for introducing RISE with SAP to the market and highlighting the offering’s benefit in finance, human experience management, procurement, and supply chain.

Winning against Accenture and IBM, Deloitte was awarded the Sales Excellence-Large Enterprise Category for implementing SAP solutions with excellence and understanding and fulfilling customers’ challenges and needs to future-proof the company.

IBM: Cloud Business Transformation – Delivery Excellence Winner 

IBM won against Accenture and Deloitte in this category, which recognised the outstanding SAP Partner that fully adopted RISE with SAP including high Business Technology Platform (BTP) and SAP Business Network attach rate in helping its existing and new customers accelerate their journey to becoming sustainable, intelligent enterprises.

NTT Data Business Solutions: Winner of two sub-categories Sales Excellence – Cross Segment and Sales Excellence – Midmarket 

SAP Platinum Partner NTT Data Business Solutions deepening SAP expertise is further reinforced by winning the Sales Excellence – Cross Segment category against Dickinson + Associates and The Hackett Group and the Sales Excellence – Midmarket against Dickinson + Associates and Seidor. The two categories acknowledged the partner’s initiatives and unique value proposition of SAP solutions to help customers achieve exceptional business results as well as help them tackle future challenges and opportunities in those particular segments.

Reply: Customer Excellence Winner

Reply won against IBM and Pricefx for delivering exceptional customer experience and concrete business results by implementing an innovative customer reference programme and best practice development. 

Seidor: Sales Excellence – Small Enterprise Winner

Winning against Shanghai Techsonic Information Technology and VAR One, Seidor was recognised by SAP for harnessing the German software giant’s solutions to help customers solve problems and equip them for future challenges and opportunities.

Syntax: Rising Star Winner

Syntax won the category for being the new partner that has significantly delivered customer value by leveraging SAP solutions. Ayata Group and NUMEN were recognised as category finalists.

valantic: Customer Engagement Winner

valantic won against Clarex and Delaware in this category, which acknowledged the SAP partner’s outstanding initiatives to deliver customer value throughout the entire customer lifecycle, ensuring a lasting and positive experience with SAP solutions and implementation partner.

Intelligent Enterprise Innovation Categories

Avalara: New Partner Application Winner

Winning against Forter and Symbio, Avalara won the category that recognised a new partner’s breakthrough solution that helped solve a customer’s needs and delivered the Intelligent Enterprise value proposition.

Deloitte: Winner of two sub-categories Industry Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform

Deloitte won the Industry Cloud against Accenture and IBM for delivering partner-owned industry solutions that complement SAP’s industry cloud portfolio. In addition, the SAP partner also won the SAP Business Technology Platform category for delivery success, richness of content, and proven consumption for customers using SAP BTP.

OpenText: Partner Solution Success Winner

OpenText won this category, which recognised the SAP partner that witnessed an increase in customer demand and sales for SAP solutions for addressing key needs of customers and delivering a unique value proposition. BlackLine and Tricentis were named category finalists.

Pricefx: SAP Store Winner

Winning against Sodales Solutions and Vertex, Pricefx was recognised by SAP for making its innovative solution available and accessible to customers to simplify their buying journey via SAP’s digital marketplace, SAP Store.

project44: Business Network Winner

project44 bagged this category, which recognised the partner that integrated and provided value-adding services with SAP Business Network– from sales and delivery to marketing and innovation. Raistone Capital and Shippeo were acknowledged as finalists.

PwC: Winner of two sub-categories Business Process Intelligence and Partner Application – SAP Business Technology Platform

PwC won the Business Process Intelligence category against BPM-D and EY for leveraging SAP’s Business Process Intelligence solutions to accelerate market development, solution innovation, and customer success. PwC’s Climate Excellence-Banking application won the Partner Application – SAP Business Technology Platform category, which recognised the top-performing partner that harnessed SAP BTP for its innovative application to drive customer success and consumption. BearingPoint and Sodales Solutions were recognised as category finalists.

TeamViewer: Partner Application – Industry Cloud Winner 

TeamViewer’s Frontline Augmented Reality solution was recognised under this category, which acknowledged a partner-developed innovative industry cloud solution that complements SAP‘s industry cloud portfolio and SAP BTP. MSG and Vistex were recognised as finalists.

Sustainability and Social Impact Categories

BearingPoint: Sustainability Winner

Bagging the category against Accenture and Capgemini, BearingPoint was recognised by SAP for embedding sustainability in its business transformation services, advocating SAP’s sustainability solutions, and sharing SAP’s commitment to becoming a sustainable enterprise.

EY: Social Impact Winner

EY won the newest category Social Impact against Capgemini and Exalogic Consulting. This category showcased the partner’s commitment to delivering positive social impact initiatives through innovation, a reflection of SAP’s core mission.

Winners of the 2022 SAP Pinnacle Awards were given trophies and exclusive access to SAP executives through unique in-person and virtual event opportunities. Furthermore, both winners and finalists were given a unique set of promotional materials and recognition opportunities, such as the use of logos for both their online and physical marketing channels and to be listed on sap.com for an entire year.

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